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Survival Stories


Dark Days in Denver Ch 34

Special Guest:

Phil Rabalais

During the Dark Days in Denver adventure Erika's captivity continues as she plots to find a way to escape from Swenson's grip. As Erika reflects on her survival story, we welcome Phil Rabalais to reflect on the survival story he wrote: American Insurgent.

Phil stepped up his prepping game after witnessing the deterioration of society after Hurricane Katrina ravened Louisiana. He knew he would never want himself or his family to end up in a FEMA camp.


This awareness, along with a couple of other authors, inspired him to write the novel American Insurgent. One of those authors was John Ross. He published a book called Unintended Consequences that tells the story of what would happen if the state continues pushing towards more and more gun control and the obliteration of the American Constitution. Another author that inspired him to write this novel was Franklin Horton. Franklin has written a series of books titled Borrowed World. In his stories, Franklin writes to teach. The fictional story tricks you into learning and thinking about prepping concepts. Another author that helped to make Phil's book a reality and designed the cover is guest of The Changing Earth Podcast, L. Douglas Hogan.

When Phil writes, he does not plan it. The story exists and writes itself through Phil's hands. Often, he does not even know where it will end up.

The baseline for Phil's story is that history will repeat itself, no matter what. Basic human needs still drive our species. We believe we have evolved because we work on computers and more complicated projects but deep down the requirements are the same. The de-arming of the American militia started the revolutionary war in the past. The rules are still on the books that any citizen not in the armed forces is considered militia members, even to this day. Thus the removal of weapons from the citizens is the same as the de-arming of the militia, which would cause war all over again.

Phil's book paints the picture of what would happen if governmental powers attempted to remove from the everyday American the ability to keep and bear arms. Prohibiting the use of force to defend oneself would cause an immediate response. Phil's novel takes a look at how that scenario might play out.

Phil bases his characters on people in his life with a twist of fiction and does the same with the Southern Louisiana location.

American Insurgent is a cautionary tale for all Americans. If we walk down the road to removing the right to use force to defend yourself, there will be many lives lost on both sides. The price will have to be paid by both parties, and no one will be immune to the effects. Phil hopes that the reality of his story and the emotional impact it implies will cause people to pause and reconsider their position on the issue.

Phil's prepping philosophy is to determine which scenario you are personally preparing for and let that decision drive the skills, gear, and levels of equipment. He reminds us to remember the small stuff like personal finances and basic first aid. Everything in your life is prepping. It is not an activity it is a lifestyle.

The most essential prepping activity is remembering that your mind is the weapon and it must be maintained continuously. It needs to be focused at all times so you will be ready whenever the need arises. Your mind is what makes the tools work!

Unintended Consequences by John Ross Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2UJT4HJ
Borrowed World by Franklin Horton Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2VwF1JW
L. Douglas Hogan
Unintended Consequences by John Ross Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2UJT4HJ
Borrowed World by Franklin Horton Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2VwF1JW
L. Douglas Hogan

Featured Quote From Today's Chapter:

"Since the sun became shrouded, her world had become a nightmare. She almost blamed the sun for it."

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Phil Rabalais

Phil Rabalais is a born Texan raised in Southeast Louisiana. He enlisted in the Louisiana Army National Guard, deployed to Iraq in 2004, and again for his state's Hurricane Katrina relief mission. After his enlistment, Phil graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana, with a BA in business management. He is a staunch free speech and Second Amendment advocate, a self-admitted prepper, and the host of the Matter of Facts podcast. The podcast is based in no small part on his belief in self-reliance, small government, and the right of people to defend themselves. He lives in Mandeville, Louisiana, with his wife of ten years and their daughter.

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