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Evasive Driving


The Endless Night Ch 33

Special Guest:

James Yeager

You can get yourself into and out of a lot of trouble if you know how to drive correctly. Today on the podcast, the crew in The Endless Night learns this lesson well as they attempt to flee TJ Swenson, and James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, joins us to discuss evasive driving techniques.

Evasive driving skills are essential, and plenty of places offer quality training opportunities for adults and teens alike. Even BMW has a school in South Carolina. The definition of evasive driving should just be driving and not getting yourself killed. People have forgotten the basics of vehicle knowledge. For example, many people adjust their mirrors so they can see the side of their vehicle. You don’t need to see the side of your car, you need to see the car next to you. When driving a good rule of thumb to use is if your car is making noise, make it stop. If your tires are squealing in a turn, it is a warning they are about to let go. Make it stop doing that.

If you are trying to get away from someone, only two things matter drivable terrain and undrivable terrain. Whether or not the ground is driveable depends on the type of vehicle you drive. Don’t worry about the things you are not “supposed” to drive over: curbs, grass and parks, for example. Rule-bound people generally will not break the normalcy bias. If your life is in danger, go for it.

If you are in traffic and at a stoplight, be far enough away from the vehicle in front of you that you can see their back tires. If someone bumps you from behind, you won’t hit the car in front of you. Also, there is always enough room for you to turn and get your vehicle out of there.

Always use maximum situational awareness and never, ever, look at your phone! Do not touch it!

Don’t drive in such an aggressive manner that you help to create a problem. About one in five people on the road are road ragers and the majority of them are women. Only use your horn to prevent accidents, not to express emotions. If you are frustrated by someone else, remember that it could be your father, grandmother, someone’s wife or child. Act as you would in the grocery store with your cart. If someone cuts you off, you don’t yell at them. You are polite and say, excuse me. Do this on the road. It is not a personal assault against you if someone pulls into traffic and it just happens to be in front of you. Leave earlier to allow more time for your trip. You never know what someone else is thinking or how violently they will respond to your actions. In 1986 the first recorded incident of someone shot in a road rage incident occurred. It is not a new problem.

If someone is following you, call the police. Do not get out of your vehicle, ever! Nothing positive will come from that. Don’t speed, be safe, and keep driving while telling 911 what is happening. If you have to use your firearm in defense, make sure you are on the line with 911 so you can document everything. Engaging in an argument with another driver could land you in jail if the incident escalates and you were an instigator.

If you have to go backwards to evade the threat, you can’t do it for long. Your steering is cambered to go forwards and will be squirrely. Your car will stay in first gear only. The air will not blow through your radiator, and your care will overheat and stall. You will need to turn around using a U-turn or escape via driveable terrain.

Get training! You should make the logical choice to do it. Many people die in car accidents because of what they didn’t know about vehicles. Learning what crashing at slow, controlled speeds feels like can teach new drivers the realities of what it feels like to collide with an object. They can then imagine the pain that accompanies a crash at higher speeds. Buy a junker or two and go to a safe location. Have a demolition derby and learn some new evasion techniques.

In evacuations, the best skill to remember is to get outside of your comfort zone and do whatever it takes to remove yourself from danger safely. Don’t wait to evacuate in dangerous situations.

Be nice. Let people in and have consideration for them. Not everyone is out to get you.

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James Yeager, who owns Tactical Response, was a Law Enforcement Officer with a career spanning Undercover, Patrol, K9 and SWAT assignments. He has also been a Security Contractor in Iraq protecting the Iraqi Election commission before, during and after Iraq's first election. He started Tactical Response in 1996 and, in that time, has trained over 66,000 people in North, Central and South America as well as Europe. 

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