Episode 33 S1-33

Stories Become News


Day After Disaster Ch 33

Special Guest:

Raymond Dean White

The Day After Disaster adventure continues. In this episode of The Changing Earth Podcast Big John returns to the camp with news of how the rest of eastern California is doing and if travel over the mountains will be possible. Here today to talk to us about how important these travelers bringing news will be in a post disaster society is Raymond Dean White, survival professional and fictional author of The Dying Time series.

The Importance of Storytellers

  • In the case of an electronic shutdown people will be desperate for news.

  • Scouts will need to be sent.

  • These are traveling traders, minstrels and storytellers.

  • Story teller news - most stories will get dramatized to another level from the true story.

  • Take the news with a grain of salt.

  • May become the post men.

  • Trust issues with the storyteller may make you believe the information or not.

  • They may be used to spread disinformation or scare an adversary.

  • Lies can be tools.

The Story Itself

  • Stories may be great morale boosters for the survival group.

  • If it is entertaining enough you may not care about the accuracy of the news.

  • The teller must be able to make an emotional impact in their audience.

  • Stories can be used to educate but you have to know who your audience is and how they learn.

  • The information they provide may be out of date.

Important Aspects of Storytelling

  • Verisimilitude - the story itself needs to be believable so the reader is completely enthralled.

  • The story has to be acted out in a way that draws the audience in.

  • You have to include sensory elements!

Featured Quote From Today's Chapter:

“In this uncertain environment, you never knew how things would go. Each meeting could be your last.”

Day After Disaster Ch 33

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Raymond Dean White

Raymond Dean White was born in a small town in Kansas and lived an adventurous life, hunting, fishing, trapping and tracking, backpacking, spelunking and mountaineering until he got older, wiser, and married. A lifelong avid reader, he writes what he loves to read--fast paced, action-adventure stories complete with intriguing characters, a touch of humor and a bit of information thrown in on how to prepare for emergencies. As a hyperactive ten year old (who still loved to read) he stumbled onto Andre Norton's Star Man's Son and his lifelong love affair with apocalyptic fiction was born.


Now retired, he writes terrorist thrillers and apocalyptic action/adventure novels including, The Dying Time Impact and After The Dying Time. He has also written one non-fiction book titled How I Got Published: Famous Authors Tell How In Their Own Words which details their (and his) adventures in traditional publishing. That book, co-authored with Duane Lindsay, is currently available on Amazon.

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