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Episode 358 S13-3

National Emergency How it Affects You


Changing Earth Audio Drama 2-3

Special Guest:

Chin Gibson

In the Changing Earth series, a national disaster is why the government declared a “National Emergency.” This situation caused an “emergency” plant to go into effect, allowing for a complete takeover of the country by the executive branch and FEMA to control the chaos. Although the basis of a fiction story, the concept and the “National Emergency” parameters exist. Most people are unaware that our president’s declaration of a “National Emergency” has far-reaching implications that will directly impact their everyday lives.

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Is it possible for the entire globe to be shaken by an earthquake? Many ancient profits agree the answer is yes. The Bible references earth-shattering earthquakes in both the new and old Testaments. In Mathew 24:3, the disciples ask, “Tell us, when will this be, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” Jesus replies:

The Changing Earth Series

Chin Gibson

Chin Gibson is the mystery prepper. Friend to all and known to none. His real identity hidden from the public, Chin is well known to the online prepper community as the go to resource for finding a community member to solve your problem. He is an awesome people connector and does his best to unite the voices educating the masses about being ready for a unforeseen life challenge.

Changing Earth Audio Drama 2-3

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