Episode 78 S2-43

To Trust or Not To Trust In a Survival Situation


Without Land Ch 43

Special Guest:

Lisa and Dale Goodwin

In the Without Land story, Erika delights in the opportunity to gain their freedom but she has to say goodbye to friends and loved ones she has built a strong bond with. Trust is not an easy thing to earn and is a big risk, every time you trust someone. Here to talk to us today about the pros and cons of trusting people are Lisa and Dale Goodwin hosts of The Survivalist Prepper Podcast.

It's so hard to know who to trust. The first thing you should do is ask probing questions to figure them out but fronts can be hard to breakdown. You think it's all good but might it might not be. Start to assess if the individual is genuine. Do they listen to hear you or listen to respond? Pay attention to how they interact with other people. Are they the type of person who always has to have a story that trumps the last one? If you meet someone who likes to talk, let them talk. They will give away a lot of information. Be quiet when you first meet someone. Don't give away your secrets. Ask three why's about the what the person is revealing to you. In the end, you have to trust your gut.


There are a lot of pros to trusting others. Communities make things happen, together. You will have access to more individuals with more skills or hands for labor. There are also a lot of cons to trusting others. Do you really know who they are? Maybe they are just putting up a front to take advantage of you. Morals will be tested and someone you trusted before may turn into an entirely different person. If they are aware of your secrets, it may be a big risk.


You should have levels of trust. Think like the layers of an onion. Make a new individuals traverse through the layers before you give away your information. Once they reach the core you have to still be cautious. Relationships can change and falling our with someone who has reached the core can be a big risk. Addictions, high stress, and impossible circumstances will test your loyalties and that of your trusted companions.

Featured Quote From Today's Chapter:

"This is how she wanted to remember her friends. Everyone together, laughing and carrying on whimsically, but the night was finally over."

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