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Hope on the Horizon Ch 43

Join our conversation on preparedness topics! Plus, learn about the upcoming release of The Changing Earth audio drama.

Healing from Psychological Abuse

Hope on the Horizon Ch 40

Psychological torture can be brutal on an individual's ability to cope with new situations. Not long ago, I argued that we are all psychologically tortured by unseen forces designed to keep the world divided and distrustful. In my novel, Hope on the Horizon, many characters face recovery from psychological torture and have a long road of healing in front of them. Today, we'll take a look at how we being to heal as individuals and a nation.

Prepping with Kids

Hope on the Horizon Ch 37

During a disaster, your stress will rise, but what about your children? Children have unique needs that you should consider. In today’s chapter of Hope on the Horizon, Dexter goes into Swenson’s compound to rescue Geir’s family. Then, Chin and I welcome Jordan Smith to the show to discuss prepping with your children.

Prepper Camp 2020

Hope on the Horizon Ch 34

Prepper Camp 2020 was epic! If you have never been to Prepper Camp, you won’t want to miss out on Prepper Camp again. Today on the podcast, we learn about Dexter’s adventure in Roswell in the Hope on the Horizon story. Then we look at some of the incredible vendors that came out to enrich the Prepper Camp experience.

Hold onto Your Firearm

Hope on the Horizon Ch 31

Carrying a firearm in a public space is a huge responsibility that could leave you vulnerable to another individual taking that firearm from you. Today on the Changing Earth Podcast, we explore another adventure from the Hope on the Horizon adventure. Then, Ben Branam, host of Modern Self Protection Podcast and firearms instructor, joins Chin and me to discuss how to make sure you hold on to your rifle.

2020 What's Next?

Hope on the Horizon Ch 28

2020 has been an interesting year, and the best may be yet to come. Today on the podcast, we have a riveting chapter from Hope on the Horizon as Erika goes toe to toe with Swenson. Following the story, we explore issues we have been facing this year and the potential events in store for the rest of the year.

Can Your Community Count on You?

Hope on the Horizon Ch 25

As civil unrest and natural disasters intensify, the need to care for refugee populations will increase. Caring for these individuals requires is a huge responsibility as the characters in The Hope on the Horizon story discover. The reality of the situation will be no different. Join Chin and I as we explore supplies that you will need to have on hand to lend a helping hand.

Cooling & Heating without Power

Hope on the Horizon Ch 22

Staying cool when it’s hot or warm when it’s cold is a challenge when you don’t have the power to make it happen. The characters in the Hope on the Horizon story use various techniques to stay warm. Today, on the five-year anniversary of The Changing Earth Podcast, we are going to discover ways to heat and cool without electricity.

Community After the Fall

Hope on the Horizon Ch 19

Having a supportive community is essential for long-term survival. After the collapse, it will be imperative that these communities rise from the ashes to shelter the people. In the Hope on the Horizon story today, Dexter provides a voice for the refugees to follow, and the town of Pine Springs grows under the mountain. Following the story, Chin and I discuss critical elements of the community and things you can begin learning and stocking now. For this show, I referenced my good buddy, Johnny Jack's book, Absolute Anarchy, quite a bit. It is a go-to resource for community preparation and survival.

Don't Become a Victim

Hope on the Horizon Ch 16

There are threats all around us nowadays. Our attention is focused on the recent rioting. Still, even something as simple as a date can present a significant risk to the individuals involved. When your outing on the town puts you in the middle of a riot, you need to have contingency plans in place. During the Hope on the Horizon chapter TJ Swenson puts his “date” in a precarious position. Then, Chin and I explore staying safe on a date, and if a riot suddenly erupts around you.

Future Global Flooding Forecast

Hope on the Horizon Ch 13

Scientists, psychics, and fictional novelists all agree that the ocean is going to see a significant increase in the water level. The extent of the rise is a matter of debate. Hope on the Horizon, and all of the fictional novels in The Changing Earth Series utilize a map of the United States that was popularized by Michael Scallion. However, it was the renowned psychic Edgar Cayce that initially dreamed it up. Today on the podcast, Chin and I discuss the theories of the rise in ocean level.

Overcoming a Tyrannical Government: Quarantine Concerns

Hope on the Horizon Ch 10

How quickly will you trade the future freedom of America for security? The quarantine presents many questions, and American’s are starting to wake up. On the podcast today, the people of Pine Springs overtake their tyrannical government in the Hope on the Horizon adventure. Then Chin and I discuss the realities of this process and the steps we must take to ensure the future of American freedom.

Surviving Quarantine

Hope on the Horizon Ch 7

Sheltering in place is often easier said than done. After today's riveting chapter of Hope on the Horizon, Chin and I present ideas to keep you sane, safe, and learning. 

Unity: Chosen vs. Forced

Hope on the Horizon Ch 4

Unity is essential to the human race. People can unite together by choice to accomplish amazing things and overcome any challenge, or unite by force in a system with strict enforcement of social norms. In a fictional story like Hope on the Horizon, the difference between the Supreme General’s forced unity is a distinct contrast to the resistance’s chosen unity. However, in the real world, the dividing line can often be convoluted. During the interview, today, Chin and I discussed how the black and white line between forced and chosen unity has many grey areas.

Post Collapse Hospital Care

Hope on the Horizon Ch 1

In the event of a societal collapse, the realities of hospital care are grim. Recent examples of societal failures like those of Argentina and Venezuela can give us a brief glimpse of advanced medical care. On the podcast today, we begin book seven in The Changing Earth Series, Hope on the Horizon. The story starts with the characters looking for medical care in a devastated landscape, prompting Chin and me to take a look at what we can expect in a post-collapse society when medical attention is needed.

Survival Stew

Hope on the Horizon Ch 42

When forced to evacuate or you spend any amount of time walking, or while hiking a trail, you want to stretch your food supply as far as possible. Today on the Hope on the Horizon story, Swenson returns home, and Chin and I discuss survival stew specifics.

Fight the Burnout

Hope on the Horizon

Complacency can be a big problem when it comes to preparedness. You have to fight burnout, and there is so much for us to be burned out over right now. Today on the podcast, we view the Supreme General's meeting from TJ Swenson's lens and then Chin and I have a little fun and have some great tips for fighting the burnout and shoring up your preps for the change of season.

Socialization is Essential

Hope on the Horizon Ch 36

Most people know, in survival, you live by the rules of three. You can live three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food. However, quarantine has amplified the importance of the one rule of three, not many people considered, three months without social contact. Today on the podcast, we explore this concept in the chapter from Hope on the Horizon. Then, Chin and I discuss this phenomenon and how you can strengthen your mind.

Traveling Through Hostile Territory

Hope on the Horizon Ch 33

Traveling unnoticed through hostile territory can be a tricky proposition. Swenson finds that out as he attempts to navigate his way towards his captured comrades in the Hope on the Horizon adventure. Today Chin and I discuss gear you may consider carrying and tactics to deploy on this risky task.

Why a Hierarchy is Essential

Hope on the Horizon Ch 30

A hierarchy is essential for any group; otherwise, all you have is unorganized chaos. In any group of people, you will find a structure, including Swenson's unethical team, as presented in the Hope on the Horizon story. Today on the podcast, Chin and I welcome Phil Rabalais, host of Matter of Facts podcast, to explore the hierarchy of survival groups.

Physical Fitness for Self Defense

Hope on the Horizon Ch 27

The most important step you can take to prepare for the future is to make sure your body is physically fit. There is nothing you can buy, no skill you can learn that will ever replace the importance of your fitness. In the Hope on the Horizon story, Erika learns that her training is the key to success against any adversary. Today I’m going to share some of the exercises you can get started with to increase your physical fitness and stay self-defense ready.

Corporate Collectivization of Farming

Hope on the Horizon Ch 24

History has shown collectivization of farming tends to go very wrong in society. After the Hope on the Horizon chapter, Chin and I explore examples of collectivization, both past, and present. After comparing some pros and cons, you can decide for yourself which system creates a more robust food supply.

Alternative Energy

Hope on the Horizon Ch21

In the coming days, the power supply may not be a ready commodity. The characters in Hope on the Horizon are facing this reality in today’s chapter, and then Chin and I will explore some alternate energy options.

Group Loyalty

Hope on the Horizon Ch 18

Group loyalty is not an easy thing to develop to a level where you can rely upon it. In a future world where allegiances are always questioned and threatened, it will be essential for you to have a circle of trusted individuals. However, rapidly changing circumstances can threaten those allegiances as the story from Hope on the Horizon displays today. Following the story, Chin and I will explore how to know whom to let in, what type of circumstances can threaten those loyalties and how you can help to maintain the faithfulness of the group.

Second Amendment

Hope on the Horizon Ch 15

The Second Amendment ensures all of  the other Constitutional Rights afforded by the laws of America are  maintained. In the story Hope on the Horizon, tyranny has removed those  rights. Here today on the podcast is the host of I am Liberty, James  Walton. James discusses arguments you can use to counter anti-Second  Amendment arguments and the importance of teaching the value of these  rights to our children.


Hope on the Horizon Ch 12

Coffee is the favorite morning drink of over fifty percent of Americans. In the Hope on the Horizon adventure, the evil character Swenson starts his day off with a cup as well. In a fictional story, it is a stroke of a pen that keeps coffee in supply, but in reality, coffee has a long and fragile supply chain. Today on the podcast, Chin and I take a look at the possibilities of long-term storage, growing the beans yourself, and coffee alternatives.

Focus on Survival

Hope on the Horizon Ch 9

Without focus, mistakes are inevitable. TJ Swenson finds that out in today’s episode of Hope on the Horizon. Following the story, Chin and I will provide tools to help you stay focused by developing a solid plan and keeping your mind attentive during execution.

Teaching First Time Firearm Owners

Hope on the Horizon Ch 6

Right now, an estimated 80% of firearms purchasers are new gun owners. These folks are going to need some answers as to how to use this defensive tool. Today, after the chapter from Hope on the Horizon, Ben Branam is here to discuss how to defend your space and how to introduce a new firearm owner to a gun safely. Proper mentorship is essential at this stage to help them learn the mechanics so they can become a proficient, responsible shooter.

Post Collapse: Who to Trust

Hope on the Horizon Ch 3

If society collapses, people you thought you knew may show a side of themselves you didn't know existed. How will you know who you can trust? Today on the show, TJ Swenson attempts to answer that question in the Hope on the Horizon adventure. Then, Chin and I take a look at strategies you can use now and in a disaster scenario to help find reliable individuals to team up with.

Can We Restore Trust?

Hope on the Horizon Ch 41

Trust in society and government institutions is critical for a smoothly functioning country. You must explore the multiple viewpoints of American citizens of all walks of life to understand their perspectives. During the Hope on the Horizon story, Erika comes home to a celebration because the Supreme General has renewed trust in the government. However, that is not the case in the United States today. The question is, how do we get it back?

US Law Shield

Hope on the Horizon Ch 38

If you conceal carry and/or find yourself in a self-defense situation, do yourself a favor and be protected by US Law Shield. Today on The Changing Earth podcast, Dexter goes on a risky mission to recover loved ones. Then, Ken Hardy from US Law Shield joins us to discuss the benefits of becoming a member of this elite program.

How to Handle Problem Members

Hope on the Horizon Ch 35

An accepted member of your group turns out to be untrustworthy; what you do will live with you forever. Today we welcome Dale Goodwin and Brian Duff, hosts of the Duff and Dale show, to explore the options you may face. In the Hope on the Horizon story, the characters make the same choice as they decide what to do with Anne.

Long Distance Hiking

Hope on the Horizon Ch 32

Proper planning is essential when taking on a long-distance hike, as the characters in the Hope on the Horizon story discover. Today Chin and I discuss proper planning for your long-distance hike or bug out and elements you must consider before taking on such an endeavor.

When Should You Go?

Hope on the Horizon Ch 29

You must know how to assess your local area so you can decide when it is time to leave. In the Hope on the Horizon story, this skill is essential. Today Chin and I analyze potential threats that you need to be prepared for and how to be ready for the moment when you need to make that decision.

Water Filtration & Purification

Hope on the Horizon Ch 26

Water is essential for survival. Many of us in the United States take clean water for granted, but this may not always be the case. You need to know how to filter and purify your water. In the Hope on the Horizonstory, the value of water takes on quite a different meaning, but Chin and I are going to talk about techniques to make sure you always have potable water to drink.

Communist Takeover

Hope on the Horizon Ch 23

Many Americans are wondering what is happening to our country. A little bit of research into the roots of Communism paints a clear picture. We are facing a Communist threat. Living under a Communist rule is a drastically different reality than what we have become accustomed to as the characters in the Hope on the Horizon story find out in today's presentation. Join Chin and me for a discussion on Communistic beginnings and how they have grown here in the United States without anyone paying attention.

How to Cope with Psychological Torture

Hope on the Horizon Ch 20

Every day that you turn on your TV or radio, the media is psychologically torturing you. The methods that the news media is using are less evident than the tactics deployed by the villain on Erika in the Hope on the Horizon adventure, but they are just as effective. Today, Chin and I take a look at some of the psychological forms of torture and how people cope with the stress of warzones and methods you can deploy to deal with the pressures of the forced quarantine.

Long Range Evacuation

Hope on the Horizon Ch 17

If chaos causes you to flee your home, it may be necessary to perform a long-range evacuation. Propper planning is essential for such an endeavor. On today’s podcast, Chin and I explore possible scenarios to plan for, and on in the Hope on the Horizon adventure, the characters undertake a long-range evacuation of their own.


Hope on the Horizon Ch 14

Gardening can be done in any space as long as you can think outside the box. The survivors in the Hope on the Horizon put this idea into full swing by creating an aquaponics system on their survival boat. However, your setup does not have to be that elaborate as Chin, and I discuss on today’s episode of The Changing Earth Podcast.

Meat for Survival

Hope on the Horizon Ch 11

Despite the societal pressures on meat eaters, eating meat is essential for proper health. In today's Hope on the Horizon adventure, the survivors dive into a meal of fresh meat. Following the story, Chin and I discuss the importance of meat in your diet and the current threats to our meat supply.

Why You Need a Survival Mentor

Hope on the Horizon Ch 8

In uncertain times, knowing the basics  of disaster survival is essential. There are many sources of quality  knowledge, but having someone teaching you that you connect with is  critical. In the Hope on the Horizon story today, Swenson conflicts with  his mentor, but Chin and I will explain why those mentors are vital.

National Emergency Freedoms

Hope on the Horizon Ch 5

The focus on safety during the Coronavirus outbreak threatens the constitutional rights of every American. The post-apocalyptic adventure story, Hope on the Horizon, illustrates life without the constitution instilling law on today’s podcast. Also, L. Douglas Hogan, author of Oath Takers, joins us to discuss the dangers our rights are facing in this challenging time.

Overcoming Food Shortgages

Hope on the Horizon Ch 2

Global food supply is a recent concept in the history of man. The theory also carries the possibility of a worldwide food shortage. As the characters in Hope on the Horizon face food supply challenges, Chin and I take a look at the realities of overcoming global food shortages and strategies you can use to help safeguard yourself.

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