What if a drastic alteration occurred in your life today? Disasters can come in many shapes and sizes. Some are personal, some are human-made, and some are natural.  Where will you be? What would you be willing to do to save your family or yourself? Would you even know how to survive in the natural world of our ancestors?

Welcome to my home base. I'm eager to help you get started on your disaster preparedness planning journey. Learning self-defense techniques, proper planning strategies, compiling resources and teaching them to others has been a personal mission of mine and I'm happy to share what I have learned with you! Whether you came looking for training or entertainment, you have come to the right spot! So, kick your shoes off and stay a while.

The Changing Earth Series


Day After Disaster Awarded  2017 Best of Adventure Novels!

Novel Writing Festival

Day After Disaster Awarded  Top LA Festival Screenplays of 2019

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