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Day After Disaster Discussion #6

Feeling like you are prepared can be one of your greatest benefits and hindrances. Let me explain: Having thought through scenarios where you may become stranded or endangered is a great idea. Then you can put together an every day carry kit to face those situations if they should become reality. On the other hand having overconfidence in your abilities to face any situation is also a vulnerable place to be mentally. You should never stop learning, preparing and analyzing. Seeing the situation as you want to see it rather than what it actually is can put you at risk.

Stress can also be your biggest friend in these types of emergency situations. Stress is what causes you to think about the possibilities in the first place and get yourself in some type of mental preparedness state. It also helps you survive in a disaster situation. The stress of surviving, of getting your family to safety, of helping others get through safely can make all the difference. The key here is to maintain a balance. Do not let the stress of worrying about something that may never happen rule your life. Learn the skills you will need, collect the tools you will need but do not let it rule your life. Life is too short to live that way. Also when you are faced with a disaster the stress of the situation can cause a brain overload and make you a useless cog in the system. Control your brain, focus, relax, remember your skills and constantly develop them.

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