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Day After Disaster Discussion #7

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I have always had a close relationship with nature. As I grew older, I found out that all the pills we take originated in some plant somewhere. So I started to research medicinal herbs. What I found out was many of the active ingredients that occur naturally in plants also come with built in buffers for your body that are left behind when scientists remove the active ingredients to make pharmaceuticals. This was very distressing to me. If those buffers make medicines safer, why not include them? Well turns out the medication would not be as potent. I think we need to find a better balance between potency and buffering so now when I am sick I look to natural remedies first. There are many instances when western medical practices are essential life savers but if you can heal naturally why not try that first?

Turns out a lot of these medicinal plants are also very nutritious. They not only heal but help prevent problems. Many plants that we think are weeds are actually edible, nutritious, power plants that we overlook. If you were forced to survive outside of western society, having a working knowledge of these plants would be absolutely essential. You should know the plants available in your area but you should also get to know plants that cover many areas because just 100 miles from where you are the plant selection could be much different.

I am also a bow hunter and a meat eater. Meat, in my opinion, is an essential protein that has grown the human brain to the size it is over the history of man. You should be familiar with edible animals. Their feeding, watering, sleeping and mating patterns could be an essential piece to the survival puzzle of the future. You should be familiar with trapping and hunting techniques that do not involve a gun. Bullets and their ingredients may be hard to come by or way to valuable to use for hunting. Start researching ways to get meat on your table without a bullet.

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