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Good Day Sacramento Features The Changing Earth

Good Day Sacramento Interview

This last weekend I was honored to appear on Good Day Sacramento to present my book, Day After Disaster, to the Sacramento region.

The weekend before I was perusing my emails and received an email from Kevin Hernandez, the weekend producer, from Good Day Sacramento. I jumped for joy. This was an opportunity I had been trying to get for a long time. I was on cloud nine all week. Each workout I did during the week was intense and I felt like I could lift anything and train forever. I tried to calm the nerves because I didn't want to develop a big zit right on the end of my nose before the show. I went shopping with my mom and found a new outfit that would look great on tv yet maintain my unique style.

I was all ready to go, now I just had to wait til showtime. Friday night the nerves finally hit. I had never been to a news studio before, I had never been on camera before and I was getting anxious about the event. With a maximum amount of support and encouragement from my family, I finally fell asleep and set my alarm for a very early morning on Saturday.

Saturday morning I was up and bouncing, usually I am not very much of a morning person, but this morning was very different. I showered, suited up in the new outfit, and I was headed for the studio. The studio was like a fortress, fenced and guarded. I made my way in. Then I had a long wait on a sofa til my time came up.

My first appearance was a wave and a smile, kind off cheesy but I pulled it off. Then it was time for the interview. I was instructed to sit at the main anchor table with the hosts. They had to jack the chair up for me because I am so short and I waited and watched the teleprompters for my turn to come up. Cody and Melissa were very welcoming and I was feeling good by the time they introduced me. I wanted to present my book professionally and also let people know they would learn a lot of survival information as well. Plus I wanted to introduce my podcast, The Changing Earth Podcast.

The minutes flew by and pretty soon I was done. It was such a wonderful experience! Now I am looking forward to my debut on Good Morning America!

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