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Disaster Ready Preparedness School

Imagine sitting there in your comfortable home, surrounded by your loved ones and your most treasured possessions. Suddenly you get the phone call that your home is being evacuated. Your heart starts to pound, as the adrenaline surges through your veins. Jumping to your feet, you look around at your home. You picture the memories that have taken place within their walls and you wonder: What will I take with me? What can't I live without? What documents do I need to recover? As you ask yourself these questions, the precious seconds tick by.

Do you want to be the person walking down the road with a garbage bag? I don't and I bet you don't either.

Unfortunately tragedy strikes all the time. Natural disasters, man-made disasters and personal disasters will affect us all. Sara's Survival School has been designed to teach you what you will need to survive both a short-term and long term disaster.

Speaking Engagements

Have a group of people you would like to get ready to handle any disaster? I am available  for speaking engagements. A basics class, I can show you how to develop an individual readiness plan taking into consideration a possible shelter in place or evacuation scenario.

DRPT Monthly Training Program

Need a path to preparedness success? The monthly training schedule will take you down a step by step course to preparing you mind, body and family. Topics range from planning and urban preparedness to wilderness skills and homesteading tips. I'm passionate about physical fitness and self defense so you can guarantee we're going to get your body in shape too.

The Changing EArth Survival Guide

Fictional novels are not only an entertainment device they can be a useful educational tool. Producing The Changing Earth Podcast provided the perfect opportunity to compile a plethora of essential survival information. As you explore The Changing Earth Survival Guide you will learn about topics ranging from leadership to wilderness survival skills from a myriad of experts across the globe!

Survival Tips & Tricks

Country living and a lifestyle of studying self-defense, survival techniques and wild foraging have supplied me with a database of knowledge. I love to learn and I share those experiences with you as I go. Interested in educating yourself?

Educational Videos

Given the fact that people have various learning styles, I have composed a video archive to meet the needs of every individual. Video representations can connect a lot of dots that audio and written material sometimes lack. 

Onsite Training

Classes are held the third Saturday of each month. Classes are located at various locations in the Georgetown/Divide area. For location details visit the Survival School Calendar. Classes are for adults only: 13 yrs old and older. Special classes may be added at a later date to accommodate child education but the adults need quality learning time to practice. Gear:

  • Wear hiking shoes and durable clothing. (Rain gear, sun glasses, etc.) Expect to be outdoors.

  • Bring proper hydration, snacks, and any needed medications.

  • Bring a backpack.

Classes will be scheduled based on student enrollment. to get on the list click the link below.

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