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The Endless Night, Book 6, Autographed Paperback

The Endless Night, Book 6, Autographed Paperback

"If I’m going to meet death, I’m going to do it with honor, Erika thought. Live together, die together: the words echoed in her mind."


Captured by the Federal Forces, Erika’s will to survive is tested. Believing her family is dead, she clings to life under the torment of her captor, TJ Swenson. Her son Dexter attempts to enter the central region with his best friend, Johnny. Heartbroken by his wife’s capture, Vince’s focus centers on getting Erika back. In a race against time, the militia forces move in to retrieve the leaders of the resistance. Can Erika survive the torment? Will Vince get her out in time? Will the Moore family ever reunite?

  • All Sales Are Final

    Books will be Autographed and sent out in new condition. Once sold and sent the sale is final. Books are like art and not everyone is going to love everybook.I have no doubt you are going to enjoy the adventure but if not give it to a friend or the library.

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