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No Waste Use the Whole Animal

The Bitter End Ch 1

The fiction returns to The Changing Earth Podcast as The Bitter End begins. Following the adventure, Chin and Sara explore how to use the entire animal that you harvest. Tough time will call for our pallets to expand. Learn how you can use the whole animal.

Stay Fit for Survival

The Bitter End Ch 4

Fitness will keep you stay healthy but it may be the difference between survival and death in a natural disaster. All of the equipment and knowledge in the world will not help you, if you can't physically save yourself. It's not always easy to self-motivate, today we discuss strategies to do that after The Bitter End adventure.

Life After Slavery

The Bitter End Ch 7

The world is waking up to the realities of the modern-day slave trade. With efforts underway to rescue many victims from these horrific circumstances, we discuss what happens to these people when they return to the lives their captives stole from them. The chapter from The Bitter End also explores this topic as Gini rationalizes Erika’s relationship with her mentor, Patrick Bennet.

Prepper Camp 2021

The Bitter End Ch 10

Words of wisdom from Prepper Camp 2021

Be Prepared for the Cold

The Bitter End Ch 13

Weather forecasts are predicting a severe winter for the United States. Are you prepared to weather the storm? A little bit of preparation can go a long way when freezing temperatures descend upon you. In The Bitter End adventure, the Moore’s brace for the cold while evading TJ Swenson.

Everyone Matters

The Bitter End Ch 2

In a long-term survival situation, everyone matters. Communities able to adapt to the changing circumstances will require all ages, races, religions, and skillsets to provide the necessary assortment of functions. Today, the villainous TJ Swenson makes his appearance in The Bitter End, and Chin and Sara explore the community's many needs.

When is it Time to Go?

The Bitter End Ch 5

Do not base your decision to leave your home on emotion. It is essential to set rules for you and your family before you become emotionally involved. Today we explore various threats and potential triggers that would cause you to leave. Plus, we explore the next chapter in the survival thriller, The Bitter End. TJ must decide if it is time to evacuate the capital or not.

Disaster Communication

The Bitter End Ch 8

Butch Erskine from Hope For Survival joins us to discuss personal preparedness communication plans and an affordable option to getting a satellite phone. TJ wishes he had better communications in the Bitter End adventure as his trip south becomes entangled with challenges.

Australia Lockdown & Tracking

The Bitter End Ch 11

Ellen Kerr, from the Australian Royal Navy, joins us to discuss the tracking procedures and lockdown specifics in force in Australia today. In The Bitter End adventure, Erika's tracker lights up and TJ is hot on Erika's heels.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The Bitter End Ch 14

Freedom is only two generations from being lost. When Ronald Reagan made this claim, few people believed it. However, when we analyze the societal patterns of the last couple of decades in the United States, a chilling truth is revealed. The question is, where do we go from here?

Cold Weather Camping

The Bitter End Ch 3

In a survival situation, getting caught camping in the cold can be a life and death experience. Today, we explore tips to keep you safe in the cold. Plus, we catch up on Dexter's state of affairs in the novel The Bitter End.

Children of the Apocalpyse

The Bitter End Ch 6

What will happen to the children of the apocalypse? In this episode, we explore possibilities and ways you can prepare your children. Plus, experience chapter 6 of the survival thriller The Bitter End.

Food Inflation

The Bitter End Ch 9

Have you noticed the increase in your grocery store bill? How about when you go out to eat? Food inflation is already here, and the shortages are going to persist for a while. Are you ready for food shortages? Today, we look at the real-time inflationary numbers and some of the causes for these increases. Plus, in The Bitter End adventure, food shortages are on the top of the list for everyone alive on planet earth.

Assumptions and Expectations

The Bitter End Ch12

Each of us has preconceived assumptions and expectations of the society around us and the construct we live in each day. However, those assumptions and expectations are rapidly changing. Today we discuss some of the specifics after hearing the assumptions and expectations that Sgt Bennet is operating under in The Bitter End adventure.

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