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You’ve got a great website and an excellent blog full of useful information. But you can’t seem to get customers to stop by and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Face it. Having a website and blog with no traffic sucks! A lot.

Time and time again, you look at your traffic numbers and you feel disappointment.


How often do you find yourself...


  • Posting links with catchy invitations on Facebook or Twitter that never produce any results.


  • Paying hundreds of dollars to boost and promote your website and blog with dismal results.


  • Doing labor intensive posting on multiple social media networks trying to stir up buzz for your site with no results.

A Quality Marketing Plan Applied To Pinterest Can Change All That!

Dear Frustrated Author and Entrepreneur,


Welcome, Sara F. Hathaway here and yes, I know exactly how you’re feeling.


These days I drive a ton of traffic to my website and blog. This traffic has helped me increase my credibility in the industry and increase sales.


But things didn’t start out this way.


When I launched my first book I entered a social media marketing world that left my head spinning and the results were dismal to say the least.


I posted, then paid and paid to boost more and more but still no one came to my site.

You can understand this.

How often do you find yourself:


  • Thinking that no one is interested in hearing what you have to say?


  • Wondering if you’re ever going to make it?


  • Concluding that the effort of social media marketing is just not worth it?

For a while I had the same thoughts.

My efforts finally paid off on Pinterest

I read that Pinterest is the place to be for every entrepreneur. Individuals on Pinterest are looking for ideas for future purchases but I had no idea how to use it and how it would benefit me. I spent countless hours exploring the site and I finally I produced quality results without spending a dime.


I learned how I can get great quality website and blog traffic that generates sales results. And after weeks of testing, I mastered the process down to a science.


Now I get new over 100 hits to my website and blog per day! And whenever I launch a blog post, I get traffic and buzz that seemed impossible not to long ago.


Everyone can apply the same Pinterest marketing program I did.

But don't take my word for it

Author of This Side of Forever and Creative Writing Instructor

Dear Sara,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed learning to use Pinterest with your easy Simple Pinning program. As far as I know, it's the only one of it's kind available. Add to that the reasonable price and after-purchase support, and you have a wonderful package for those of us who aren't "techie types."


I loved working with you. You are kind and generous and have your client's best interests at heart. Thank you.



Author of Traveling Man

Thanks, Sara. Your Simple Pinning method really helped me understand what I needed to be thinking about in constructing my boards. I'm pinning with confidence now and hope to have a real presence soon.

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I couldn't keep this to myself

You may ask why not?


I am getting excellent results. Finally the hard work is paying off. I'm building a credibility in my industry that I am proud of, getting plenty of positive feedback, and receiving tons of traffic to my website and blog.


But the problem is I watch too many entrepreneurs and authors spinning their wheels on social media with no results. I couldn’t keep all of this to myself. You work way too hard, you've paid too much for publishing and advertising already and you’re capable of more.


Increase traffic to your website and blog easily and without paying a dime!

The Simple Pinning Guide has been designed to meet your learning style. An easy to digest pdf and video walk through give you a first hand look at the entire marketing system, start to finish.

Here's a peak at what's inside!

Crafting a Professional Profile

Expertly navigate Pinterest to optimize marketing results

How to easily create eye popping graphics that will set you apart with no high tech training or investment.

Tips to teach you how to become a trusted "go-to" resource for your industry.

Hot tips to maximize your efforts during every step of the program.

"Yes, I'm ready to start rocking Pinterest but how much is it going to cost me?

Like I said before, I've been in your shoes, struggling for very meager results from social media and it is no fun! I have also been through the process of trying to find quality information and training programs that I can really learn from and don't break the bank.


I have seen programs similar to mine go for as much as $150 and you need a good deal of technical knowledge to grasp the concepts that are rapidly fed to you.


But that's not me and I can't ethically do that. I want you to learn quickly, be successful and reach the heights you imagine yourself getting to. That's why I am offering this course for: 

I can't wait to see you over on Pinterest tearing it up. It's a great place to be!