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The Walls of Freedom


Sara Hathaway’s third novel, The Walls of Freedom, continues the story of Erika and her family. This novel delves back into the world of wilderness survival while continuing to examine the tough choices we as individuals would face after a catastrophe as well as the tough choices our government would be faced with. Sara maintains her focus on the concept of exploring the vast issues and circumstances from the perspective of one individual caught in the middle.  As well as presenting some great survival techniques, outdoor activities, and possible natural disaster scenarios along the way.

"I just hope I...Have the spirit to go on fighting. Have the power to take on forces that are so much bigger than me."


On the run, Erika, her husband, Vince, and their children flee the government forces in search of a new life. The Great Quake ten years ago left the United States devastated. FEMA camps sprouted up in Regional Districts to control the chaos and separate the landowners from the refugees. Erika and her family spent nine years as refugees in the camp before they found out that Vince's parents were still alive and they were searching for them. The Las Vegas FEMA Director, realizing his mistake, attempted to have the family eliminated to save his career. Vince and Erika take their family's future into their own hands and flee the camp in a cross the country action packed adventure. Will they find Vince's parents? Will society accept them again? Can they accept this new government system?

The Walls of Freedom Audio Book

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