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Welcome to the Adventure!

Experience the adventure of a dynamic woman, mother, and wife, Erika, as she struggles, against all the odds, to find her family, dead or alive, in a world ripped apart by Mother Nature. The Changing Earth Series is a survival series packed with thriller books that will keep you guessing every step of the way.

The Word on The Street

"Well written story line. Keeps you on the edge. Lots of cliffhangers. Even when I needed to, I couldn’t stop at the next chapter.
The author knows her stuff."
"This post apocalyptic story grabs you from the beginning. It tells of all the ingenuity it takes to survive. It's not just another ' shoot the another guy' for his supplies book. I'm also impressed that the author did not use foul language every other word like many do. They prayed. We all need more of that ."
"Main character very relateable as she adapts to challenges after widespread multiple natural disasters.
Themed chapters add good solid information."

Copyright     2014 by Author Sara F. Hathaway, United States