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Prepper Camp 2020


Hope on the Horizon Ch 34

Special Guest:

Chin Gibson

Prepper Camp 2020 was epic! If you have never been to Prepper Camp, you won’t want to miss out on Prepper Camp again. Today on the podcast, we learn about Dexter’s adventure in Roswell in the Hope on the Horizon story. Then we look at some of the incredible vendors that came out to enrich the Prepper Camp experience.

Despite the extenuating circumstances this year, Prepper Camp 2020 was one to remember! Every year Rick and Jane Austin host this fantastic event in North Carolina. Speakers and attendees come from across the globe to discuss relevant social topics and teach essential skills. This year was no different. Five tents hosted hourly classes for the entire three day period. The courses repeat each day so that if you missed a class because you attended another, the next day you can listen to the one you missed. However, the reality is, there is so much content to absorb; it is impossible to get to it all.

Venders from across the country also come for the experience and to provide goods focused on improving the lives of prepared individuals. I apologize to the ones I missed, but here a sampling of the outstanding products and individuals featured at Prepper Camp 2020.

First up is a former guest of The Changing Earth Podcast, Hakim Isler. Hakim was there teaching psychological warfare, machete fighting, and stick fighting. His booth featured his books (which I got both of) as well as practice fighting tools. Hakim has a course you can take to learn from the man himself, available at SurviveUniversity.com.As a martial arts practitioner, I picked up new skills from his machete class. You are never too advanced to learn something new.

I’m not going to lie, Friday at Prepper Camp was wet! My little son’s feet were soaked, and they are growing so fast he only has one pair of really good shoes. His feet were slipping and sliding and starting to blister. In the evening, we stopped by Steve’s fire from CampingPHD.com. He has a fantastic system that uses air to move heat from the fire wherever you want it to go. It can also do the same thing with cold air if placed in ice water. He asked if he could have C’s shoes and promised he could dry them in five minutes. Rolling my eyes, I handed him the shoes. You know how hard it is to dry shoes and in just five minutes. I didn’t have much faith. Much to my surprise, five minutes later, the shoes were bone dry, and my son had happy, warm feet. I can’t thank Steve enough. Check out his system; it’s cool!

Another one of my favorites was Chris Milner. Chris buys and sells the military surplus. If you are looking for some outstanding deals on great gear, Chris is your guy. I picked up some goodies myself.

The next vendor was not selling anything. He and his wife had a raffle going on (my son was very disappointed he didn’t win the security system). Shayna and Charlie Rankin were the featured speakers this year, and they were raising money for Yanasa.us. Yanasa features farms that are doing ingenious things on their farms to increase sustainability and production. This youTube site puts the spotlight on privately owned non-corporate farming efforts. Please show your support for their efforts today!

Honey-B-Goodness was there with some excellent smelling honey products. Hailing from Tennessee, they feature wildflower honey, lotions, soaps, & balms. These products are “all natural herbal salves and such.” You can get ahold of them at HoneyBGoodness.com.

If you want to know about aquaponics, Michael McKinley not only taught a class on it, he brought a huge tank to showcase the whole system. To solve the problem of the reliance on power, he has solar panels that come along that supply the power to the system. You can get ahold of Michael at DeepDivrNC@msn.com.

Selling his blacksmithing wares and teaching blacksmithing skills was Andrew Pitts. Although his hammer hits hard, his heart is enormous. He was a lovely gentleman, and he made some quality knives. You can check out his products at TheGrumpySmith.com.

A couple of fantastic individuals, Chief Joseph & Dr. Laralyn Riverwind, led an excellent Christian sermon on Sunday morning. Besides teaching some classes, their booth was full of incredible natural healing tinctures and native jewelry. You can view their products and follow their teachings at FireKeepersInternational.org.

My good buddy, James Walton, was there reporting for Prepper Broadcast Network and selling his disaster coffee. Due to the overwhelming demand for the hot beverage, he ran out of fuel for his burner. We welcomed him over to our tent, and with his supply of fuel, we kept the burner running (which kept me nice and warm). Disaster coffee is so yummy; I wanted to buy stock in the company. You can check out all the great shows at PrepperBroadcasting.com and get your Disaster Coffee at DisasterCoffee.com.

Mark Strickland and his wife were running the OffGrid Preppers, and Mark was one of the speakers. Mark’s focus is on bringing off-grid power and security solutions to your home. An item that many of us may need a lot more of these days. You can check out Mark at OffGridPrep.com.

One gentleman that I want to have on The Changing Earth Podcast is Richard Cleveland, the founder, and director of Earth School. He teaches wilderness survival and nature awareness. If you’ve listened to the podcast at all, you’ll know how much I love these topics. Richard was also a speaker, and my son loved his classes. You can visit Richard at LoveTheEarth.com.

There were two fiction authors in attendance: Timothy Van Sichel and myself. The Righteous Survival Epic Saga is Tim’s creation. His Christian beliefs are on full display throughout his thrilling tale of survival. I featured The Changing Earth Series.

PatriotRamPump.comwas there with a full setup to showcase their products. Tim was a great guy who could explain the system in a way for anyone to understand. My young son loved the engineering of it and picked the man’s brain for hours. Go check out the system if you want to move water with minimal power.

WildAbundance.netis another booth that caught my attention. They featured some excellent hides in various stages of tanning. Wild Abundance focuses on providing instructors and consulting for eco-steading, permaculture, and primitive skills education. They have classes you can attend or consultants that will come to you.

Preppernet.com was there, representing the prepper community. Forest is putting together communities all over the country, so check them out and get involved.

Last but not least, check out A.N.T.S. This group is a network of neighbors helping neighbors. When disaster strikes, they support their member in cities, towns, and states around them by relaying supply pods to any member that needs them. It is free, and you will get help, as long as you volunteer to help with supplies or time. Neighbors helping neighbors. You can learn more at AmericansNetworkingToSurvive.org.

Featured Quote From Today's Chapter:

"I saw my opportunity to get out, and I took it."

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Chin Gibson is the mystery prepper. Friend to all and known to none. His real identity hidden from the public, Chin is well known to the online prepper community as the go to resource for finding a community member to solve your problem. He is an awesome people connector and does his best to unite the voices educating the masses about being ready for a unforeseen life challenge. Chin will be joining Sara to co-host The Changing Earth Podcast.

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