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The Changing Earth Podcast

Audio Drama and Preparedness Podcast

Can't Wait to Talk with You!

Live Sunday Nights at 5:30pm CST

Live Shows: Facts Without the Fiction

Future Global Flooding

Taking a look back at our discussion on future global flooding.

Caps & Powder Replay

In a societal collapse, all you have is a club once the bullets run out. Even if you can make powder, a primer or a cap (for a black powder gun) is needed. Stories from the early 1900s convey the same fact. Is it possible to make your own primers and powder?

The Changing Earth Season Three Finale! Quality Time with TJ

The Changing Earth Audio Drama season three finale, binge, and blooper show. 

Changing Earth Audio Drama Blooper show

Season 3 Part 3 performer blooper reels and special guests, L. Douglas Hogan, aka TJ Swenson, and Jasmine Beondi.

Meet the Stars of The Changing Earth Audio Drama

Changing Earth Audio Drama performer interviews and performer bloopers.

Prepper Camp 2023

Prepper Camp 2023 an epic adventure in friendship, homesteading, and survival skills.

Changing Earth Audio Drama Performer Interviews and Bloopers

Live Changing Earth Audio Drama performer interviews, bloopers and lots of laughs.

Beneficial Flowers

What helps your veggies grow and protects your garden from pests? Also, the value of edible gardens and the medicinal benefits of herbs.

Defending Your Life

With societal unrest growing, knowing how to defend yourself and your personal space is essential.

Global Flooding and Future Implications

Are the instances of severe flooding on the rise? How can you prepare? Will it continue?

Places to Stay Along the Way

Road trips are the best, and having your own mobile hotel room is a welcome addition to the experience. However, finding affordable places to park doesn't have to be a challenge. Whether for a night or a small stint, we have some great resources to find the place that is right for you.

Freedom Alert!! Digital Currency

Why we should avoid CBDC like a plague.

Guide to Seed Buying

A quick guide to choosing the right seeds for your garden.

Stretches for Homesteaders

Manual labor can take a toll on your body. Maintain your range of motion by stretching properly.

Reliable News Where to get it

With distrust gone rampant, where do you go for reliable news? Plus, an X-class solar flare irrupts with an earth impact in the forecast.

Area Assessment - What disasters are waiting for you

In light of recent events are you ready for a mega-disaster in your area?

The Finish Line is in Sight, Are you Prepared?

The people of earth are in a race with the planet to decide who will usher in the next catastrophe quickest.

Chicken Talk & Alternative Feeds

With rumors abounding of chicken feed being modified to turn your prized layer into a dud, now is the time to start implementing alternative food solutions and hatching your own flock.

Raising Goats Is it for you?

The realities of raising goats on a small farm.

Raising Rabbits

The ins and outs of raising rabits.

Building a Greenhouse

The basics of building a greenhouse and what you should be concerned about when building it.

2023 Get Ready Here it Comes

Looking back over 2022 and forward to 2023

Throwback Episode Earthquake Survival

Enjoy an episode from the archives. Experience Day After Disaster, day one in the Changing Earth adventure, and learn about Earthquake Survival from the Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford.

Christmas with the Cast

The performers of The Changing Earth Audio Drama celebrate Christmas!

The Best Fiction Survival Thriller Novels

The best of the best for lovers of survival thriller novels.

4Patriot Dream Shopping List

The top 10 items from 4Patriot Supply fulfill your preparedness needs.


Survival Fashion: Bugging Out in the Cold

If you have to bug out when the rain or snow is falling and the temperatures dip, what are you going to wear? Did you know that cotton kills? Learn how to accessorize for your bug-out experience.

Prepping from a Woman's Point of View

Join Jordan and Carol from the Prepper Broadcasting Network for a sneak peek into prepping from a female point of view.

Where Are We At and Where are We Going

A snapshot of the current status of the United States and future preparedness concerns.

Five Times August The man behind the music

Music can simplify life in unique ways. Brad Skistimas, better known as Five Times August, is producing unique protest music that captures the frustrations that so many of us are feeling. Meet the man behind the music.

Prepper Camp 2022 PBN Roundtable

Join in on a night of reflection at the 2022 Prepper Camp event. The Prepper Broadcasting hosts share experiences and hope for the future of the preparedness community.

Meet the Performers Dale and Lisa Goodwin

Prepping and survival fun with Dale and Lisa Goodwin, The Survivalist Preppers

First Time Firearms Owners / Meet the Cast

Stars of The Changing Earth Audio Drama RJ Truex, and Ellen Kerr join us today to discuss first time firearm ownership. What to buy and how to ensure family safety and comfort around the weapon.

Meet the Cast of The Changing Earth Audio Drama
Safety Tips When the Group Splits Up

The boys take over while Sara is away to discuss tips to keep your group safe and informed when splitting up.

Get Out & Go

Before you depart on that summer road trip, make sure your vehicle is ready for the long haul. Today, Chin and I discuss how to get ready, obstacles you may encounter, and current changing earth news.

Food for the Future

As the earth continues to change, it is time to learn to adapt. No human force is great enough to stop the planetary changes, but we can bolster our food supplies and plan for dwindling global supplies in the future.

Saving Your Seeds

Learning to save and regrow your seed stock is vital to long-term  survival. A great project to grow your connection with nature, your  garden will thank you in the years to come. The harvested seeds will be  better suited to survive in your area and your plants will grow bigger  and bear more produce.

Prepare for a Better Tomorrow Today

Every day more and more people understand the value of being prepared for an uncertain tomorrow. Today's special guest, Ellen Kerr, brings joins the show to discuss current events and share ways of preparing for what's next.

Your Chicken Coop

Everything you need to know to get started with your chicken coop, today and tomorrow. It's time to raise your own protein but remember, chickens are a long-term commitment. Be ready to care for them long into the future.

Hope for Survival

How communities and a hopeful outlook can guide our communities to a better tomorrow. Special guest Butch Erskine joins the show to discuss Hope for Survival.

Earthquake Watch

With the uptick of earthquake activity worldwide, we are on full alert. Today, Sara and Chin discuss some of the global changes headed our way. Get updated, stay informed.

A Society Without Power

How would society react if we lost power? This was the question behind The Changing Earth Series and a serious question facing our society today. Join us on this brainstorm of societal assumptions that will no longer be accurate.

Food for Thought

A look at how the 12,000-year sun cycle will affect the planet and how we will need to adapt some of our current assumptions. Special guest on the show James Walton from

Growing in a Cool Climate

If the earth is headed towards a cooler climate, what will be ideal in a home garden? Learn about the varieties of plants that pack the most nutrition for your homestead garden. 

Reliable News

Resources where you can go to get quality news about the world the mainstream media isn't telling you about.

What's Next for the Planet

James Walton interviews Sara F. Hathaway about the climate changes that mainstream media isn't telling you about.

Fleeing Your State?

Making a move is a big decision. Today, Chin and Sara provide a guide to factors you should consider when fleeing your state. 

Get Ready for Riot Season

With more and more unrest affecting communities across the country, you need to make sure you know what to do if you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. For additional information on this topic check out these past shows:

  • Crowd Control

  • What to do When there is an Active Shooter

  • Traveling Through Hostile Territory

  • Evasive Driving

State of Affairs

Special guests James Walton, from Prepper Broadcasting Network, and Ellen Kerr join the show to discuss the current state of affairs and examine the current social and climate issues.

Big Tech is Watching You

On today's show Chin and Sara, discuss survival tips you need to practice from The Changing Earth Audio Drama. Plus, implications of data collection and Earth news from the last week.

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, & Super Chickens

As earthquakes and volcanic activity rock the planet, our focus on being prepared for disaster has never been more urgent. Plus, we dive into the story of the Super Chicken. 

The Shortening Days

Threats to the supply chain and imminent earth changes make it essential to start shoring up your food supply. Learning butchering basics and growing a garden are two great places to start. Join us for tips to achieving this and current earth news.

Have a Plan but be Ready to Adapt

As the earth continues to change, we need to be ready. Blistering inflation and the corporate takeover of food supplies will only exasperate the problem. On today's show, we have tips and tricks to help you adapt to whatever is coming and earth news to keep you prepared.

Past the Breaking Point?

Planetary changes are happening fast and furiously. Join Chin Gibson and Sara Hathaway to stay up to speed on current changes and what you can do to prepare for The Changing Earth.

Disaster Can Happen Anytime & Anywhere

After a record cold snap in Texas, we explore the facts of the power outage, problems with the power management, how this relates to other rolling blackouts, and a future power outage catastrophe headed our way. Could you survive without power? Could our nation?

Tips & Tricks to Survive The Changing Earth

Will you be ready when the earth changes? Learn some quick tips and tricks to start preparing today!

Emergency: Away from Home with No Supplies

What do you do when disaster strikes, you are not home and you have no supplies? Here are some quick tips and tricks to help keep you and your family safe. 

What's Next?

Join preparedness professionals Jordan Smith, James Walton, Dave Jones, Chin Gibson and Sara Hathaway as we discuss how to prepare for what is next and the upcoming new release of The Changing Earth audio drama.

Prepare Now!!

There are going to be some challenging days ahead. The time to prepare is now! Getting a grip on the basics of survival is essential. Here's a quick review so you can find the holes in your game plan. 

Top 10 Reasons to Prepare for 2021

Claims that 2020 was the worst year ever may not be accurate. 2021 could hold many new obstacles for you. Disasters can be natural, man-made or personal but they will happen and the time to prepare is now! Explore the top 10 reasons to prepare on the Changing Earth Podcast with hosts Sara Hathaway and Chin Gibson, featuring special guest Phil Rabalais from The Matter of Facts Podcast.

America Bought & Sold

America has been bought and sold. Data shows the amount of fraud that yielded the election results and tracking the companies behind the voting machines leads to the purchasers of our country. 

Polar Shift

Join Chin Gibson, Dave Jones, and host, Sara Hathaway to discuss the ongoing polar shift and the effects it is having on our planet. Discover ways to track earthquakes arising from this phenomena and learn tips for staying safe before, during, and after an earthquake. 

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