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Hope on the Horizon Ch 20
"Remember, the more you put in here, the more you can take when you have to put it into action out there."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 19
"It's what happens when people start giving a crap about one another. We can do anything together, but divided we fall."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 18
"She's the bounty and we are the hunters."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 17
"I don't know why I'm getting involved. I shouldn't be a part of this."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 16
"You are one lucky lady to have a man like that."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 15
"I'm not usually one for second chances, but I'm going to give you one now."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 14
"There are still good people in this world, and they are worth fighting for."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 13
"What's meant to be is meant to be, whether we understand why or not."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 12
"I can fight."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 11
"How did you survive the Great Quake?"
Hope on the Horizon Ch 10
"I'd rather die fighting for what is good in this world, than go on living in one where it doesn't exist."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 9
"You can't take us all out."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 8
"I'm going to put it in God's hands and pray."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 7
"As a leader, you have to lead."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 6
"I've come to know her as my mother but more than that, my most trusted guardian."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 5
"He deserves a second chance."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 4
"We have a choice. We've always had a choice."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 3
"Ah, the alure of Erika Moore. Wish I could bottle that."
Hope on the Horizon Ch 2
"It's you and me, isn't it?"
Hope on the Horizon Ch 1
"She will never be alone."
The Endless Night Ch 38
"Don't worry, my sweet, we'll be together soon."
The Endless Night Ch 37
"I love you and I'm going to protect you."
The Endless Night Ch 36
"Slow down and think."
The Endless Night Ch 35
"He watched the patchy roads, pieced together from yesterday's highways, pass by in the distance."
The Endless Night Ch 34
"She was right there, and I lost her."
The Endless Night Ch 33
"They'd lost a god friend and soldier to bring her home safely."
The Endless Night Ch 32
"He continued on as fast as he could but he was losing the battle against Mother Nature."
The Endless Night Ch 31
"Vince was hoping the sun had returned while they were underground, but it was still teh same orange hazy world outside."
The Endless Night Ch 30
"You'll be safe, trust me. I'll be right there with you."
The Endless Night Ch 29
"Sometimes grownups have to do stuff for the benefitof all the people instead of their individual interests."
The Endless Night Ch 28
"One step at a time and before you know it, we'll be up the mountain."
The Endless Night Ch 27
"The more she tried to remember the more she seemed to forget as her mind grew heavy with fog again."
The Endless Night Ch 26
"Don't fill his mind up with the future. The focus is always on the now."
The Endless Night Ch 25
"I've been checked out for too long and if we're going to succeed it's going to be together."
The Endless Night Ch 24
"She would do anything for her son's life."
The Endless Night Ch 23
"That's ususally what happens when you leave your comfort zone, you grow."
The Endless Night Ch 22
"Watching the orange light begin to brighten the sky, he thought the forest outside looked sad. It yearned for the sunlight that it was being denied."
The Endless Night Ch 21
"I can't break, she insisted to herself. No matter what, I can't break."
The Endless Night Ch 20
"This here is my fighting force. A collection of the most finely trained bounty hunters in the country. We can find anyone, wherever they are."
The Endless Night Ch 19
"We don't have time to grieve or doubt. He have to keep going or we die."
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