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The Endless Night Ch 26
"Don't fill his mind up with the future. The focus is always on the now."
The Endless Night Ch 25
"I've been checked out for too long and if we're going to succeed it's going to be together."
The Endless Night Ch 24
"She would do anything for her son's life."
The Endless Night Ch 23
"That's ususally what happens when you leave your comfort zone, you grow."
The Endless Night Ch 22
"Watching the orange light begin to brighten the sky, he thought the forest outside looked sad. It yearned for the sunlight that it was being denied."
The Endless Night Ch 21
"I can't break, she insisted to herself. No matter what, I can't break."
The Endless Night Ch 20
"This here is my fighting force. A collection of the most finely trained bounty hunters in the country. We can find anyone, wherever they are."
The Endless Night Ch 19
"We don't have time to grieve or doubt. He have to keep going or we die."
The Endless Night Ch 18
"She could see the twilight of the night and felt the cool breeze in her lungs."
The Endless Night Ch 17
"He stood firm, awaiting whatever fate was in store."
The Endless Night Ch 16
"The sky was just beginning to illuminate into a sickly orange."
The Endless Night Ch15
"Her emotional being was wrecked and she was desperately trying to keep herself together."
The Endless Night Ch 14
"He did not want to face the reality that his father was gone."
The Endless Night Ch 13
"He looked into the man's dark evil eyes. This man does not dance in the colors."
The Endless Night Ch 12
"The alcohol numbed the pain in her body, but the pain in her heart was unquenchable."
The Endless Night Ch 11
"I've been on this planet fifty-two years, that woman definitely makes the top ten in my bad ass list."
The Endless Night Ch 10
"There would have been houses, businesses, streetlights, all gleaming in the night. Now the world outside was a dark one. Communitiies gathered together for safety, and living outside the walls was not advised."
The Endless Night Ch 9
"If I'm going to meet death, I'm going to do it with honor."
The Endless Night Ch 8
"I never should have left, he cursed himself."
The Endless Night Ch 7
"We've had some long days, if we have to wait, why not do it with a beer in our hands?"
The Endless Night Ch 6
"Their chanting gave her strength, though, and reminded her what she was fighting for."
The Endless Night Ch 5
"That takes balls, kid."
The Endless Night Ch 4
"His love for Erika seemed to heal him from the inside out."
The Endless Night Ch 3
"Her world was gone, and she was quite positive she ended up in hell itself."
The Endless Night Ch 2
"His heart felt for them as they were led off by unknown handlers to live out their days in captivity."
The Endless Night Ch 1
"If only these women were trained...They could get out easily."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 37
"More wars would come, and the fight would go on."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 36
"How could people let this happen?"
Dark Days in Denver Ch 35
"They followed a path cut through the distruction. The people shoveled the ash into piles and were doing their best to remake a community for the survivors."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 34
"Since the sun became shrouded, her world had become a nightmare. She almost blamed the sun for it."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 33
"I love that man like a brother! I need him more than ever!
Dark Days in Denver Ch 32
"There was always a moment, a chance for escape, in the past."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 31
"He saw death on this scale before, right after the Great Quake. The images he never wanted to remember flooded back to him."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 30
"They walked for miles that day through the strange haze that the world became."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 29
"I'm going south. Maybe all the way to South America, if it's still there."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 28
"Your life is over. You are now the property of the Federal Republic of America."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 27
"They took her!" he screamed angrily into the air.
Dark Days in Denver Ch 26
"He always provided her with the support she needed to go on, to take the next step, and she felt so blessed to have him as a soul mate."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 25
"Yellowstone is erupting."
Dark Days in Denver Ch 24
"Finally, the shaking stopped. Screams echoed through the night before the shooting began."
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