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I've been creatively writing and learning about nature since I was a child. These passions have been guiding my life and culminated into The Changing Earth novels and podcast. Combining natural disaster preparedness education with a riveting story line, I delight in sharing my adventures and valuable information with the world.


In my personal journey, I struggle with a commitment to providing entertaining, education and a duty to provide financially for my family. There are new projects I want to tackle, new information I want to share and shows I have been invited to so I can interface directly with those who are seeking knowledge. I offer a subscription program in an effort to provide added value to my followers in exchange for contributions to keep the home fires burning and the information flowing.

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Following the Great Quake that shook the world, Erika and her family are guests at a Las Vegas FEMA camp. The camp was built to save refugees but as the days pass and new laws are enacted, Erika begins to question if they are being rescued or held prisoner. Only time will tell how life in the camp will progress. 

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