Meet The Stars

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Erika Moore

Performed by:

Sara Hathaway

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TJ Swenson

Performed by:

L. Douglas Hogan

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Major Cole Virgis

Performed by:

Phil Rabalais

Cast of Characters

Performer Name
Roles Played
Fletcher Hathaway
Narrator, Denton Burgess
George Hart
Mr. Lee, Passenger 1-2
James Walton
Tim Monroe
Robert Manns
Bill Chappee
Ryan Buford
Yuri Papalov, Serge Paplov, Amandeep LePier
Dale Goodwin
Chuck Laudner
Lisa Goodwin
Nancy Fisher, Carol Duncan, Star Moore
Dave Jones
General McClintock, Henry Duncan
Brock Hathaway
Vince Moore
Gillian Rabalais
Jillian, Theresa
Jane Austin
D'lores Chapman
Dr. Joe Alton
Dr. Bones
Jordan Smith
Ben Branam
Ben Nickleton
Chin Gibson
Earl Moore, Harold Duncan
Sean Freeman
Dave Bouchard
Barbara Jenkins
Young Johnny McClintock
Christian Hathaway
Dexter Moore
Xavier Williams
Doug Pennington
Ashley Dollahite
Star's Mom, Colonel Payne
RJ Truex
Brittany Hart
Sergeant Cook
Xander Hart
Young TJ Swenson
Jordan's Daughter

Music Attributions

Hard Miles
Bryan Mathys
Wild Heart
Tension is Rising
The Insider
Alls Fair In Love of War
It's not Hard to Get Lost
Bryan Mathys
Wild Heart
The Call of the Polar Star
Poincare Conjecture
Lost Star
Various Moods
Love (Reprise)
Steve Combs
Love & Fear
Good Friend
Jason Shaw
Audionautic Acoustic
Take Me With You
U Can Unlearn Guitar
Dreams Hurt You
Robert Abraham
Top 10 Picks from 2014
Treated Acoustic Guitar
Rest you Sleeping Giant
Cold Harvest II
Fight the Sea (Instrumental)
Josh Woodward
Crawford Street
Dark November #1
Wayne Kinos
Dark November
Travel Light
Jason Shaw
Audionautix Acoustic
Beneath Dark Clouds
The Pangolins
When the Wick is Gone Beneath Dark Clouds
Dark Spots
A Crooked Pulse
A Crooked Pulse
Wild Heart
Bryan Mathys
Wild Heart Album
Lost Boat
Damiano Baldoni
Crystal Lake
I've not Fear
Damiano Baldoni
Lost Dynasty
Heavin' on Earth
Uncle Bibby
Free Music Project
Kernal Panic
Jacapo Tore
Reading Sassarri 2
One March Day
All along the Northern Evening
Steve Combs
Brand New Record!

Sound Attributions