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My favorite books are long ones that don't seem long because the pages melt away under the pace of the story and this was definitely one of those. We're seeing a lot of social criticism through literature these days, across all genres, and I think this book definitely contributes to that trend. Movie-wise, this kind of story never goes out of style. I see it as being sort of like the Hunger Games meets the Day After Tomorrow.

James Hart

Teacher, Lectures, Seminars, Author, SWET Survival & Wilderness Experience Training Urban & Wilderness Emergence PreparednessText.

“Day After Disaster” by Sara Hathaway is a riveting read that will hold you to your seat throughout each page as you follow the heroine on her journey from one deadly disaster to another in her search for her family. Sara has done a superb job of writing and consuming our attention. Sara has handled her first novel professionally and handed it to us gracefully. Easily read but hard to get away from this novel will haunt you while you are away from it. I found the strong character and personality of the main character was carried well throughout the book and worked well with all the characters and situations without being overwhelming. The imagination and expertise used through the book in the different situations were well thought out and, indeed, very possibly of use in survival situations of the same types. Five Stars To You Sara, Very Well Done."

Valerie Still

Book Enthusiast

Love this book, it's a great fast read and very gripping.

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