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Season One Performers

Meet The Stars

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Erika Moore

Performed by:

Sara Hathaway

L Douglas Hogan.jpg
TJ Swenson

Performed by:

L. Douglas Hogan

Phil headshot.jpg
Major Cole Virgis

Performed by:

Phil Rabalais

How to Stay Calm when Stuff Goes Wrong
Post-Apocalyptic Fashion
Future Infrastructure Mega-Fails
Tightening the Noose
Medical Emergencies on the Road
Women's Self-Defense and Survival Mindset
Getting Ready to Garden
How to Emotionally Conquer the Apocolypse
Flooding, Prepping and Cleanup
Wasp spray: yes or no?
The Show Must Go On
The Sun, the Earth, and You

Cast of Characters

Performer Name
Roles Played
Sara Hathaway
Producer, Erika Moore
L. Douglas Hogan
TJ Swenson
Phil Rabalais
Cole Virgis
Ryan Buford
Yuri Papalov, Serge Paplov, Amandeep LePier
Brock Hathaway
Vince Moore
Fletcher Hathaway
Narrator, Denton Burgess
Christian Hathaway
Dexter Moore (child)
James Walton
Tim Monroe
Gillian Rabalais
Jillian, Theresa
D'anna Jones
Roxy Jameson
Brian Duff
Big John Green
Dave Jones
General McClintock, Henry Duncan
Chin Gibson
Earl Moore, Harold Duncan
Jane Austin
D'lores Chapman
Jordan Smith
Cassidy Baker
Mackenzie Weinmeister
Tami Elliot
Sean Freeman
Dave Bouchard
Robert Manns
Bill Chappee
Ashley Dollahite
Star's Mom, Colonel Payne,
RJ Truex
Greg Sherman
Dr. Joe Alton
Dr. Bones
Xavier Williams
Doug Pennington
Barbara Jenkins
Young Johnny McClintock
Ben Branam
Ben Nickleton
Xander Hart
Young TJ Swenson
George Hart
Mr. Lee, Passenger 1-2
Dale Goodwin
Chuck Laudner
Brittany Hart
Sergeant Cook
Lisa Goodwin
Nancy Fisher, Carol Duncan, Star Moore
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MOF Podcasst.png
Modern Self Protection(1).png
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