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The Bitter End


Sara Hathaway’s eigth book, The Bitter End, brings a resolution to the story of Erika and her family as they try to adapt to the changing earth. The final showdown with TJ Swenson is about to begin! 

“Live together, die together.”


As the Earth continues to slip into the next ice age, Erika and her family find themselves in a desperate struggle for survival. TJ Swenson has built an empire that is digging in deep. Spreading out his authority, Swenson firmly establishes his control over the south and sets his sights on the west. Consumed with their family drama, the Moore family engages in risky maneuvers to find answers. As the tension between Swenson's Blackshirts and the remaining freedom fighters comes to a head, Erika and Swenson stand face to face, both knowing for one of them, it will be The Bitter End.


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