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Airplane Survival

Virgis Ch 1

Experience the Great Quake through the eyes of Major Cole Virgis. A self-defense contractor Cole is called upon when disaster strikes. While on the plane, disaster unfolds below him. It doesn’t take a cataclysm of this nature to have a disaster of this type. Explore the facts behind the fiction and learn to be prepared for an inflight emergency.

The Next Disaster

Virgis Ch 4

In today’s fiction segment, McClintock explains to Virgis that the government was forced to do National Triage because of the widespread devastation to the country. They had to decide where resources could be most effectively deployed. Other areas, like California, were cut off. Even though Covid gave us a real-life example of the steps the government could take in a disaster scenario, much more of your freedoms could be removed.

What to do with Climate Refugees?

Virgis Ch 7

A conversation needs to be had regarding the status of climate refugees. In the fictional story, Virgis, they are dealing with the same problem every country in the world is dealing with. Refugees are on the move. The debate over what to do with all these people is never ending and different countries address it in unique way

Post Collapse Vehicle Travel

Virgis Ch 10

As Cole heads west in a post-apocalyptic landscape, we take a look at the realities of vehicle travel in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Hard Times Ahead

Virgis Ch 13

There is no doubt that difficult times are on the horizon. What can you do today to prepare for tomorrow?

Medications, Our Reliance & Availability

Virgis Ch 16

In the Virgis adventure, a major sickness has descended upon the country. Medication is needed but must be produced. The major reliance on pharmaceuticals in America puts us at risk if the supply were cut off.

Your Disaster Plan Should Not Include the Government

Virgis Ch 19

Never rely on the government to help you when disaster strikes. You are not their priority.

Where's Your Line?

Virgis Ch 22

What values will you protect in a collapse scenario or will you throw all caution to the wind and let your emotions rule you? Listen to Chapter 22 of the novel Virgis, then join us for a thought experiment.

When the Supplies are Shutoff

Virgis Ch 25

Confidence in a society that is supplied by National Companies and a global supply chain has left America very vulnerable. See how it affects post-earthquake life in chapter 25 of the novel Virgis.

Christmas Prepping 2023

Virgis Ch 28

Chapter 28 of the novel Virgis, followed by great gifts for 2023.

Shore Up the Basics

Virgis Ch 31

The start of a new year is a great time to revisit the basics and make sure you are prepared for the year ahead.

The Government is Not the Answer

Virgis Ch 34

L. Douglas Hogan joins us to talk about the realities of relying upon government systems. Virgis is forced to take the injured refugees to the Las Vegas Camp. 

Radiation Contamination

Virgis Ch 38

Dave Jones the NBC Guy joins us to discuss radiation poisoning. What do you do if you get caught in a radiation zone? How do you tell if you've been contaminated? What is the best shelter to seek?

SHTF Bartering, Have you thought this through

Virgis Ch 40

After Virgis strikes a deal, we discuss aspects of bartering you may not have considered before.

Organizing Supplies

Virgis Ch 43

Where do you store your preps?

Prepper Camp Past and Future

Virgis Ch 46

Survivor Jane Austin, Jordon Smith, Nicole Wallace, Gillian Rabalais, and Sara Hathaway team up to discuss Prepper Camp 2024, Prepper Camps Come and Gone, and survival tips for your future.

Current Events and Your Community

Vigis Ch 49

Butch Eskine from Hope for Survival joins the show to discuss current events and community responses.

Boondocking, Practice Off-Grid Living

Virgis Ch 2

Virgis prepares to land as the weather gets warmer here. It's time to sharpen those skills and get back outside!

Grieving Children and Parental Prepping

Virgis Ch 5

Virgis unites with McClintock, who has lost his wife and Johnny's mother. Grief is something we need to be prepared for. Plus, tips for prepping with kids.

Knives!! Metals, Designs, Maintenance and Carry Laws

Virgis Ch 8

In the novel, Virgis, Virgis meets with the delegates and winds down his day helping Johnny care for his whittling knife. Knives come in all different shapes, sizes, and metal contents. Some you can carry, and some you legally are not allowed to.

Alcohol, Essential for Survival?

Virgis Ch 11

Knowing how to make and use alcohol for more than a good time is essential in a survival situation.

Pandemic Prep, & Changing the World

Virgis Ch 14

Changing the world, preparing for the next pandemic and Virgis Chapter 14.

Earthquake Preparations and Predictions

Virgis Ch 17

Get ready to shake, rattle, and roll. Cole is hit with a devastating earthquake in the novel, Virgis, and we discuss earthquake prophecies, predictions, and preparations you need to know to survive the next Great Quake.

National Triage

Virgis Ch 20

What are the implications of a National Disaster?

Food Preps

Virgis Ch 23

Basics of food prepping and how to do that on a budget. Chapter 23 of the novel Virgis.

Solar Power, the good, the bad, and the ugly

Virgis Ch 26

Major Cole Virgis visits post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. Then, explore solar power, its benefits, and downfalls. 

Water Supply Compromised?

Virgis Ch 29

Natural disasters pose a serious threat to your water supply. You need to have sources scouted and multiple purification methods at your fingertips. Chappee's embarrassing dirty water story is revealed in the Vigis saga.

Emergency Medicine: Treating Infections

Virgis 32

Infections in a survival situation can be deadly! In the novel, Virgis tries to assist multiple injured refugees, and the infection is running wild. Are you prepared to prevent an infection before it begins?

National Disaster Labor Laws

Virgis Ch 37

Why you should pay close attention to the words "National Disaster." These two critical words can change everything you know about our country. Special guest Ellen Kerr joins us with the Ausie perspective.

After the Disaster

Virgis Ch 36

How do you rebuild after a disaster? Special guest Phil Rabalais joins us to discuss the personal and community considerations.

Defense with Dane

Virgis Ch 41

Join special guest Dane D as we explore life experiences and defensive strategies. Virgis story, chapter 41.

Stress Relief in Stressful Times

Virgis 44

Guest, Keri Hanson, host of the podcast Momsday Bunker, discusses the importance of taking a break when you're being crushed with stress.

Surviving Volcanic Eruptions

Virgis Ch 47

How do you survive a volcanic eruption? Preparation is key.

Blending in After Disaster

Virgis Ch 3

After a brutal water landing, Virgis makes his way through the city with his team. As the disaster unfolds, the art of not attracting attention becomes a primary skill. Learn the tricks you can deploy to blend in after a disaster.

You Need a Doctor

Virgis Ch 6

Reading survival manuals and stocking medical supplies is a great start, but it will never replace the need for a qualified, experienced doctor.


Virgis Ch 9

Today in the Virgis novel adventure, McClintock returns home and Johnny is eager to show off what he has made for his father. Whittling is not just for art. It can create essential survival items or provide an income stream.

Checkpoints Go or No Go

Virgis Ch 12

The adventure of Cole Virgis continues as he approaches the government checkpoint at the California border. Special guest Dane Draven discusses government and civil checkpoints. The Sound of Freedom review and The Changing Earth News.

10 Yrs of Prepper Camp, Food is Power

Virgis Ch 15

Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Prepper Camp with Rick Austin. Experience chapter 15 of the novel, Virgis, a Changing Earth Origins Story.

Raising Rabbits

Virgis Ch 18

Discover the benefits and trials of raising rabbits with Survivor Jane. Continue the adventure with Chapter 18 of the novel Virgis.

Protecting Your Preps

Virgis Ch 21

The realities of life after collapse from the novel, Virgis. Plus, an in-depth discussion on how to protect your supplies post-collapse.

Your Hope for Survival

Virgis Ch 24

Explore current events and how you and your community can survive with Butch Erskine from Hope for Survival, following chapter 24 of the novel Virgis.

People with Supplies vs Those Without

Virgis Ch 27

Discussing the collapse. What happens when those without go up against those who still have? After chapter 27 of the novel Virgis.

Tsunamis of the Past and Future

Virgis Ch 30

Discovering tsunamis of the past and how to prepare for those coming in the future. Chapter 30 of the novel Virgis.

Controlling Group Violence

Virgis Ch 33

Can one person control group violence? What can you do to be prepared?

What Do You Have to Offer?

Virgis Ch 35

What makes you valuable in a long-term survival situation? Virgis is faced with the dilemma when choosing who to take with him. Explore the possibilities

Hunger and Civility

Virgis Ch 39

When hunger sets in, how long will society stay civil? Special Guest: Ellen Kerr

Urban Gardening and Readiness

Virgis Ch 42

Join special guest, Gregory Barone, Changing Earth Audio Drama performer as we dive into urban gardening and general readiness.

Gleaming Information through Conversation

Virgis Ch 45

How to gain valuable information through structured conversation. Have a plan and execute.

Improving situational Awareness

Virgis Ch 48

How to make yourself more situationally aware and train others to do the same.

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