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Airplane Survival

Virgis Ch 1

Experience the Great Quake through the eyes of Major Cole Virgis. A self-defense contractor Cole is called upon when disaster strikes. While on the plane, disaster unfolds below him. It doesn’t take a cataclysm of this nature to have a disaster of this type. Explore the facts behind the fiction and learn to be prepared for an inflight emergency.

The Next Disaster

Virgis Ch 4

In today’s fiction segment, McClintock explains to Virgis that the government was forced to do National Triage because of the widespread devastation to the country. They had to decide where resources could be most effectively deployed. Other areas, like California, were cut off. Even though Covid gave us a real-life example of the steps the government could take in a disaster scenario, much more of your freedoms could be removed.

What to do with Climate Refugees?

Virgis Ch 7

A conversation needs to be had regarding the status of climate refugees. In the fictional story, Virgis, they are dealing with the same problem every country in the world is dealing with. Refugees are on the move. The debate over what to do with all these people is never ending and different countries address it in unique way

Boondocking, Practice Off-Grid Living

Virgis Ch 2

Virgis prepares to land as the weather gets warmer here. It's time to sharpen those skills and get back outside!

Grieving Children and Parental Prepping

Virgis Ch 5

Virgis unites with McClintock, who has lost his wife and Johnny's mother. Grief is something we need to be prepared for. Plus, tips for prepping with kids.

Blending in After Disaster

Virgis Ch 3

After a brutal water landing, Virgis makes his way through the city with his team. As the disaster unfolds, the art of not attracting attention becomes a primary skill. Learn the tricks you can deploy to blend in after a disaster.

You Need a Doctor

Virgis Ch 6

Reading survival manuals and stocking medical supplies is a great start, but it will never replace the need for a qualified, experienced doctor.

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