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Importance of Self-Reliance
Preparing for the Collapse
Radiation Zones and Mega Quake Prophecies
Following Orders Vs. Critical Thinking
4 Month After Total Collapse
People on the Move
Self-Reliance, The #1 Green Movement
Travel Essentials
National Emergency How it Affects You
Your Changing Earth
Protein, Storm Survival & Ethics
The Five D's of Defense

Meet The Stars

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Erika Moore

Performed by:

Sara Hathaway

L Douglas Hogan.jpg
TJ Swenson

Performed by:

L. Douglas Hogan

Phil headshot.jpg
Major Cole Virgis

Performed by:

Phil Rabalais

Season 2 Performers

Cast of Characters

Performer Name
Roles Played 1-8
Roles Played 9-16
Sara Hathaway

Producer, Erika Moore

Producer, Erika Moore

L. Douglas Hogan

TJ Swenson

TJ Swenson

Phil Rabalais

Cole Virgis

Cole Virgis

Ryan Buford

Jimmy D, Serge Papalov, Yuri Popalov

Yuri Papalov, Serge Papalov, Jose Juarez

Brock Hathaway

Vince Moore, Federal Soldier 5, Man 5, Rebel Fighter, Refugee Fighter 3, Barry King

Vince Moore, Bary King, Man 4, Rebel Leader, Mercenary Soldier 5, Man 4

Fletcher Hathaway

Al McKay, Dexter Moore (Teen), Federal Soldier 3, Jared Hernandez, Rebel Commander, Refugee Fighter 4, Voice on the Radio, Jordan James

Dexter Moore (Teen), Mercenary Soldier 4, Nate Garland, Shalaim Hussain, Voice on the Radio

Christian Hathaway

Dexter Moore (child), Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore

James Walton

Sergeant Tim Monroe

Sergeant Tim Monroe

Gillian Rabalais

Theresa Giovanti, Waitress

Theresa Giovanti, Receptionist

D'anna Jones

Roxy Jameson, Daphne Preen

Roxy Jameson

Brian Duff

Big John Green, Lieutenant Rex Bowman, Federal Soldier 1, First Private Darrel Guthrie, Terry Lawrence

First Private Darrel Guthrie, Governor Dixon, Lieutenant Rex Bowman, Rebel Commander,

Dave Jones

Andrew Bingham, Man 3, Ralph Wright, Refugee Fighter 5, Richard Cunningham, Ryan French, Staff Sergeant Alex Bingham, Tran's Fighter

Ryan French, General Dwayne McClintock, Estaban Salvador, Malik Majir, Staff Sergeant Alex Bingham,

Chin Gibson

Earl Moore, Harold Duncan

Harold Duncan

Jane Austin

D'lores Chapman, Nurse

D'lores Chapman, Nurse

Jordan Smith

Cassidy Baker, Suzi

Cassidy Baker

Christey Weinmeister

Susan Vasquez

Susan Vasquez

Andrew Bobo

Sergeant Terrance Walker, Mathew Tweed

Coronel Nicholas Henderson, Mathew Tweed, Sergeant Terrance Walker, First Private Federal Soldier

Skip Buck

Sergeant Patrick Bennet, Fighter 1, Refugee Fighter 6, Zeb Reed

Sergeant Patrick Bennet

Kat Leroy

Patrice Kenzian

Patrice Kenzian, Sergeant Julie Pontever

Kathy Buck

Nancy Fisher

Nancy Fisher

Annie Sloan

Jennifer Jansen, Jennifer Duncan

Jennifer Duncan, Kiara Web

Mackenzie Weinmeister

Kim Duncan

Kim Duncan

Cynthia DuCharme

Ginger Russel

Ginger Russel

Butch Erskine

Brett Reynolds, Commander Carl Grey

Commander Donald Burnes, Commander Carl Grey

Carter Walton

David Diaz

Guy Carlson

Robert Manns

Sergeant Bill Chappee

Sergeant Bill Chappee

Ashley Dollahite

Alexis Hayman (child), Penni Sherman

Penni Sherman, Jamile Hubard, Waitress

RJ Truex

Greg Sherman, Dr. Newell Lupin, Jimmy Tran, Rebel Commander 2

Greg Sherman, Jimmy Tran, Homestead Gate Guard, Waiter, Announcer, Bar Tender

Dr. Joe Alton

Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones

Marc Hathaway

Private Marc Jessop

Private Mark Jessop

Bobby Kelly

Federal Soldier 2, Rydell Peck, Thomas Rigby

Anthony Gerber, Federal Guard 2

George Hart

Mr. Lee, Man 6, William Artesan, William Baker

Mr. Lee, William Baker, River Walker

Madison Cawthon

Barbara Grissom, Victoria Gleeson

Jennifer Jansen, Waitress, Woman 1, Woman 3, Woman 5

Dale Goodwin

Chuck Laudner, Man 1, Soldier 2

Chuck Laudner, Maurader 1, Mercenary Soldier 3


Star Moore (Adult)

Star Moore (Adult)

Elijah Kelly

Captain Paul Areno, Federal Soldier 4, Peter Valentine

Angel Comings, Blackshirt 2, Captain Paul Areno, Federal Soldier, Wayne Botner, Jack Dawyer

Don Erikson

Private Jacob Foster

Gunnery Sergeant Ben Nickelton, Eli Salo, Federal Soldier 2, Humberto Herrera, Private Jacob Foster, Rebel Fighter, First Private Federal Soldier 2, Major General Barnes

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