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Secret Garden of Survival


Without Land Ch 2

Special Guest:

Rick Austin

Erika describes rumors she has heard about why the United States has been left with so little land after the devastating earthquakes that rocked the world. It could be that a disaster of this type will befall the US but many threats exist to your way of life. Growing your own food and being able to sustain that process is one way you can safeguard yourself from threats. Here to describe his Secret Garden of Survival plan is Rick Austin.

Rick's frustration with traditional apple and orange orchard production caused him to investigate a better way of doing things. He was tired of spending a fortune on pesticides and fertilizers. He found out that we didn't always grow our food that way.



World War II had a major effect on the way we grow food. Less individuals returned to the farms and bomb producing materials were put to work in the farms as fertilizers and pesticides. This new chemical reliance gave rise to companies like Monsanto. This new farming technique also relied upon machines to harvest rather than people and farmers started to grow plants to fit these machines.


Because he was a preparedness minded person he wanted to find a way to garden that was self sufficient. Investigation into native indigenous people around the world revealed that these individuals used to live off of perennial (plants that grow every year without planting) rather than annuals (plants that must be planted every year). They didn't plant in rows, they didn't plant year after year, they didn't weed, they didn't fertilize, they didn't irrigate, yet they survived for thousands of years. Rick set out to put these concepts to work. 



The Secret Garden of Survival was developed. This garden will provide a reliable food supply for years after your traditional food stocks run out and it is hidden as a forest rather than a garden begging to be harvested by anyone passing by. Rick calls it "Nature-Culture." It's much more than just permaculture, it's planting a "food forest" that provides food year after year. Plants are planted in groups called guilds that create a symbiotic relationship and will attract good bugs. For example a fruit tree will be surrounded by a ground cover that likes the shade. Then another type of plant will surround that. The whole garden is surrounded by blackberries to create a natural border for humans and wildlife. 



This gardening style provides fruits, veggies, nuts and berries for your family. There is no watering using Rick's system because ground water is captured in the garden. Rick shows us how to create micro-climates to extend growing seasons so you can get a better harvest and grow more by planting in 3 dimensions. Rick's book Secret Garden of Survival will teach you step by step how you can set up your own Secret Garden of Survival. You will learn how to work with nature to create your own "Garden of Eden."

Apple Trees
Monsonto Factory
Indiginous People
Forest Garden
Planting in 3 Dimensions
Apple Trees
Monsonto Factory
Indiginous People
Forest Garden
Planting in 3 Dimensions

Featured Quote From Today's Chapter:

"It's a good day to dream."

Featured Survival Product:

Augason Farms Vegetable Garden Seeds 13 Variety

The Augason Farms Emergency Vegetable Garden Seeds contain thirteen vegetable varieties to provide storage of seeds that are non-hybrid and non-GMO for a post-disaster vegetable garden. These 13 hardy seed varieties are specially selected for their storage capability, first-rate flavor, high yields, and proven adaptable to almost any region. If cared for correctly, the seeds can remain stored in the container for many years and still retain their viability to produce quality, short season vegetables.


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Character Origins


Rick Austin

Rick Austin is known as the Survivalist Gardener, and is a preparedness, homesteading and off grid living expert. He is the author of Secret Garden of Survival-How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest which is now the #1 Best Selling book in Garden Design.




Rick is also the author of the Secret Greenhouse of Survival, How to Build the Ultimate Homestead and Prepper Greenhouse.




Rick is a nationally recognized speaker on survival preparedness and has been featured on National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Castle, Doomsday Preppers, the documentary film Beyond Off Grid, as well as in Newsweek, American Survival Guide, Prepper &Shooter, Prepare Magazine,  and in Mother Earth News (three times).




You can also hear Rick on his #1 rated radio show-  Secrets of a Survivalist  -on the #1 Preparedness Radio Network, where each week he talks with the world’s best survival experts that share their own secrets of survival..

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