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Episode 104 S3-23

Identifying and Treating Infections


Special Guest:

The Walls of Freedom Ch 23

Dr. Joe Alton a.k.a. Dr. Bones

The journey continues in The Walls of Freedom story, as medical help arrives for Vince's infection.  This week Dr. Joe Alton a.k.a. Dr. Bones, author of The Survival Medicine Handbook, is here to discuss infections, ways of identifying them and treating them.

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Infections can occur from all kinds of injuries and even tooth aches. There is usually damage to the skin or some type of crush wound.


Animal bites commonly develop an infection because mouths are dirty. There will be redness around the bite. If the redness spreads, as opposed to reducing, an infection is probably setting in. The skin will swell, be red and shiny, and is usually warm to the touch. If a fever develops you know you are looking at a big problem especially with tooth aches. You may even develop an abscess or puss pocket full of foul drainage and discharge. The skin may die from the crush and the edges may turn black, indicating that the skin has died from lack of circulation.


You need to have a sterile blade to cut an abscess open and drain it to get the yuck out. If you have blackened dead skin, it will need to be trimmed away to allow the wound to heal properly. The wound must be cleaned regularly with antiseptic solution and antibiotics should be taken at this point.


If you do not have antibiotics there are some natural products that have anti-bacterial properties. Raw, unprocessed honey is good to apply. Garlic and silver solutions (Silvasorb is an example) also will fight infection. Silver solutions were the go to healers before the development and commercialization of antibiotics after WWII. Lavender oil is another healer that Dr. Alton suggests. Sugar can also be combined with iodine or bedadine to make "sugardine" to use as a healer but Dr. Alton can not stand behind that healer as firmly because there is not enough research to tout it's credibility.


Antibiotics can get confusing because there are so many different types and each one has it's own strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking for a wide spectrum antibiotic that treats many different infections Amoxicillin is a good choice as long as you are not allergic to penicillin. This antibiotic is readily available as a fish antibiotic called Fish Mox and is inexpensive to stock up on. Remember all antibiotics have strengths and weaknesses. For example amoxicillin is not good at treating urinary tract infections but sulfa drugs are. Metronidazol or Flagyl is available as Fish Zole and it is much more effective at treating water contaminates like giardia. It is essential that you buy as many different types as possible, you know all the uses, dosages and who should not be taking that type of medication. There are many places you can study this information but Dr. Alton has extensive information on this topic on his website or in his book The Survival Medicine Handbook.


It is expensive to go out and buy all these different types of antibiotics and use them before they expire but have no fear. Dr. Alton has done a lot of research into expiration dates and reports his findings in his article "The Truth about Expiration Dates." He found out that all an expiration date is the day that the pharmacy will no longer guarantee 100% potency of the medication. Even the Department of Defense did research on this topic called the Shelf Life Extension Program. They tested 122 emergency medications and found out that most pills and capsules will hold their full potency for two to ten years after the expiration date. Liquid medications like insulin or amoxicillin elixir will lose their potency very quickly. 




Unfortunately, most people aren't prepared to take care of a group of people. Individuals tend to focus on their family but fail to recognize that you will probably be taking care of more people than just them. During a catastrophic event, you will want to bring people into your camp that possess specific useful skills and now you will be expending resources on them as well. You will need more supplies than you think. Stock up on medical supplies and antibiotics now. If you stock way too much, extras can be used for bartering or helping your community to recover. If folks know you are medically trained and can help them, they may be more likely to expend their resources to ensure your survival.


Eventually your supplies are going to run out. It is essential for you to start learning what plants have medical benefits. Keep old sheets and clothes to use as bandages. Grow medications you will need in your herb garden. A great way to get an introduction into the world of gardening is to research a master gardening program in your area and take the class. This will give you confidence and knowledge to go out and master your own natural medicine garden.



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The Walls of Freedom Ch 23

Dr. Joe Alton a.k.a. Dr. Bones

Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones, is an M.D.  and fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American College of OB/GYN. Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., aka Nurse Amy, is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.  Together, they’re the authors of the #1 Amazon bestseller in Survival Skills and Safety/First Aid “The Survival Medicine Handbook”, well known speakers, podcasters, and YouTubers, as well as contributors to leading survival/homesteading magazines. You will find over 700 posts on medical preparedness on their website.



Their mission:  To put a medically prepared person in every family for disaster situations.

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