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Episode 11 S1-11

Post Disaster Urban Travel


Special Guest:

Day After Disaster Ch 11

Skip Buck

In the Day After Disaster adventure, Erika has to face some hard decisions and she ends up traveling through a hostile urban environment with a new companion. Today, Skip Buck, retired Sergeant from Sacramento County P.D., current physical trainer and owner of Body By Buck, the little gym with a big attitude, joins us today with some great tips for moving properly if you find yourself trying to survive in a hostile urban environment.

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Key Things To Consider In An Urban Post Disaster Scenario:

  • Recognize your enemy. Some people will turn on you and you may have many new enemies. People will want your stuff so put on your game face.

  • Humans are the most unpredictable animal you will encounter. Animals are much more predictable and usually will not hunt you. Humans will act illogically and you will not know their level of training or how desperate they are.

  • Understand the difference between cover and concealment. Cover hides you and protects you from a projectile. It could be concrete or an engine block. Concealment hides you but does not protect you. This is an item like shrubbery or cardboard that would not stop a projectile.

  • Sometimes you will have to move very quickly between cover or concealment and sometimes you will have to move excruciatingly slow. Know your situation and move appropriately.

Navigating a Post Disaster Urban Environment:

  • Use old street signs if you can see them.

  • Use a trail marking system such as three bricks that you yourself have placed in a position so you can remember routes.

  • Use the stars, sun and moon positions.

  • Use natural features like mountains and rivers to direct your direction.

Tips to Surviving a Long Term Survival Situation:

  • Take care of yourself first. If you don’t survive you can’t help anyone.

  • Talk with your friends and family ahead of time and have a pre-determined meeting location.

  • Find and form a functional group. This can be formal or informal and may consist of friends, family, and trusted individuals.

  • Establish longer lasting food supplies, water supplies and shelter.

  • Obtain weapons for defense and hunting.

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Day After Disaster Ch 11

Skip Buck

“I was adopted at the age of 9, and raised in Southern California, in the San Gabriel Valley.  I
attended Rosemead High School and was actively involved in sports, student leadership, choir and school plays.


"At the University of Redlands, I was Captain of the football team, earning all-district and all-conference honors, participated in wrestling, and was President of the Inter-Fraternity Council and a member of Chi Sigma Chi Fraternity. I graduated from the University of Redlands in 1979, with a B.A. in Physical Education.


"My college sweetheart, Kathie Morris-Buck and I were married shortly after college and will soon celebrate 36 years of marriage. We have two daughters, Morgan (33), and Heather (30).  Both are happily married and successful in their individual pursuits.


"I began my career in law enforcement late in 1981, and retired in 2008. During my career, I worked custody, patrol, chief coroner’s investigator, narcotics task force, SWAT, youth and community services (DARE instructor), family abuse, homicide – felony assaults, career criminal apprehension team, child sexual assaults, vehicle crimes, and Homeland Security.  I was promoted in 2006 to Sergeant, and managed patrol teams until my retirement in 2008.”


"My lovely bride and I reside in El Dorado County, in Northern California.  We are currently owner/operators of Body by Buck, a small gym and personal training facility in Cool, California."

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