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Episode 163 S4-39

Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience


Special Guest:

Battle for the South Ch 39

~Kiki Bandilla~

In the final episode in the Battle for the South adventure, our characters find themselves thankful for their continued survival and facing new circumstances that will be challenging their days ahead. Being self-reliant has ensured the survival of both Erika Moore and her family. Here today is Kiki Bandilla the owner/operator of the Self-Reliance and Simple Life Experience and we are exploring self-reliance concepts and how you can get out and continue learning.

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Five years ago Kiki's self-reliance passion was ignited when she attended the Self-Reliance Expo. When she first attended she was skeptical about the individuals she would encounter at such an event. She had been C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) trained in the past and she understood that there were many potential threats impacting the region that she lived in. Kiki wanted to become prepared for any contingency she may be facing. The expo was a great opportunity to get this education. After enjoying such a wonderful experience, she wanted to provide it to others. 

Last year, Kiki purchased the Self-Reliance Expo and since then, she has been on a mission to resonate the self-reliance and simple life message to the masses. However, on-line purchasing opportunities and the end of sale-a-thons pushed Kiki to develop another image for the Self-Reliance Expo. This vision included endless educational opportunities for attendees to gain exposure to a wide variety of skill based information that they could take home and put into immediate action. Kiki wanted people to walk away with a quality experience not a shopping opportunity. Thus, the name was changed to the Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience. 

At the conventions multiple stages occupy the room, separated by the four pillars of self-reliance: Preparedness, Survival, Sustainability, and Simple Life. The stages get a ton of use throughout the day from speakers discussing a wide variety of topics. For example:

  • Bee Keeping

  • Goat Farming

  • Health & Wellness

  • Child Safety - how to prevent abduction

  • Wilderness Survival

  • How to Conquer Your Fear

  • Survival Skills

  • Financial Advice

  • Communication and HAM Certification

  • Tiny Home Construction

Being prepared is essential to overcoming obstacles in life. Individuals who understand the power of self-reliance can provide a layer of protection to their communities. The more individuals with open eyes, contributing to the success of their communities, the larger this layer of protection becomes. Who are you taking care of? What's your plan to keep them safe no matter what life has to throw at you? It is imperative that you have a conversation and determine what your family game plan is.

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Battle for the South Ch 39

~Kiki Bandilla~

Kiki Bandilla has a 25+ year background in the corporate world, in both administrative management and sales, marketing and business development.  She has consulted for several startups, helping build their corporate infrastructure.  Throughout her career she has been involved in some form of sales, marketing (including communications, PR, crisis communications and event management) and/or business development (including having been President of the Las Vegas High Rise Association).


Kiki and her husband, Steffen Bandilla, attended the Self Reliance Expo in 2014 and their passion for the self-reliance industry and lifestyle was ignited.  They purchased the Self Reliance Expo at the end of 2017 and since that time, they rebranded the expo, changing the name to the Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience, with the goal of resonating with a broader audience.  They also formed the National Self-Reliance Project, Inc. which became the umbrella organization over the expo.  Additional initiatives of the National Self-Reliance Project will be announced in 2019.


The mission of the National Self-Reliance Project is simple, "To educate and empower our citizens, families and communities to become more self-reliant".  To that end, Kiki's focus is on strong content and education and a desire to create a community for their sponsors, exhibitors, partners and attendees, to gather and share best practices, most up-to-date information and education, exchange new ideas and support those pursuing a self-reliant lifestyle.

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