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Episode 169 S5-6



Special Guest:

Dark Days in Denver Ch 6

Dale and Lisa Goodwin

In the Dark Days in Denver adventure, Erika spends some restful days of training and everyone finds a way to be productive. Today, Dale and Lisa Goodwin from the Survivalist Prepper Podcast are here to discuss the mental benefits of being productive. 

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Many people feel that the ideal way to spend time is kicking back doing nothing. Downtime is essential however it can be contagious. Enjoying too much downtime can leave you complacent and lower your alert level, leaving you vulnerable and unadaptable. Set standards for your time and make sure you schedule downtime. You don't want to develop the habit of sitting around. After a long winter it can be difficult to get up and running again. Staying productive keeps you in the habit of staying active.

When you accomplish something, there is a chemical response in your brain. Your body releases dopamine, a very powerful chemical. If you set out to accomplish something and do it, your brain will reward you. This drug helps to fuel the sense of accomplishment you feel.


Staying active and participating in activities with others creates a bonded group. Like a family you will have a deep bond that connects you together. In stressful times these are the people that will be there for you. Contributing to this group, feeds your brain! It helps everyone stay positive, regardless of skill set. Everyone can make a contribution and they are all important.

When you have a group with equally productive members there will be less conflict within the group. You need to be able to focus on important tasks not running around putting out small fires all the time. When everyone participates, it instills confidence in the group. Engaging with the group productively helps to keep your mind off of the stresses facing you. It helps the group to maintain positivity.

There are many tasks required for a community to function properly that are not as glamourous as wilderness survival or self-defense. You need motivators, leaders and delegators. You need entertainers to tantalize imaginations and provide stress relief. You will need people to ensure that sanitation is being maintained. People to cook and ensure future food supplies. You need people to help keep children busy and out from underfoot. You will need people to sort supplies, do laundry, and keep track of inventory. You will need people to help support the mental stability of the individuals within the group. You will also need people who can teach all of these skills to the next generation so the skills are not lost. It also provides extra individuals who can backup the primary person. 

No matter what your responsibility is, having responsibility is important. Most people want to feel valued and know that their contributions are worth while. Staying productive and contributing to the group is important but remember, you can't do it all. Working together is key. 

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Dark Days in Denver Ch 6

Dale and Lisa Goodwin

In early 2013 Lisa and I decided to create Survivalist Prepper and become a bigger part of the preparedness community, we are not the overboard tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, we are just like you, everyday Americans that enjoy the freedoms that this country offers.


Lisa is more of the prepper and I am more of the survivalist or outdoor type and we write articles ranging from first aid, to food storage to primitive and wilderness skills…basically anything that involves preparedness and survival.

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