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Episode 198 S5-35

Do the Best You Can With What You Have


Special Guest:

Dark Days in Denver Ch 35

Chin Gibson

Arriving back in Denver, Vince and Bennet assess their team and prepare for the challenging mission in front of them. Today, we welcome The Changing Earth's new co-host, Chin Gibson, as a guest on the show to discuss how to do the best you can with what you have.

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Doing the best you can with what you have is the essence of life. "Prepping" is not an activity but a way of thinking. It is not some exciting thing that Hollywood portrays as a super drama. Being prepared is a lifestyle that helps you to handle hick-ups as they occur.

Being able to make do with what you have, without constantly dreaming of what you don't have also helps to combat depression. You realize that if you think outside the box and use the resources at your fingertips, you can solve problems and live happily. Accumulating material items and money doesn't always mean you are going to be satisfied with your life. We've had many recent examples of rather wealthy, "successful" people taking their own lives due to depression.

Individuals can also get stuck in paralysis analysis. It is an endless cycle of trying to figure out the best thing to do or what you want to be, without action. Getting out and making things happen is how you can move forward in life and accomplish goals. Technology can be an endless source of information and ideas, but without putting yourself into motion, it is useless. Take stock of what is around you, that you can use to accomplish the goal you choose.

Financially, we should all be doing better with what we have before we purchase more. There is a saying to live within your means. Well, if you live slightly below your means, you can save for that rainy day. Try to get yourself debt free, or at the very minimum, pay down your credit cards. Don't try to keep up with your neighbors. Know your financial situation and try to ensure that you are preparing for a problem.

Saving dollars, nowadays, is a challenge. It seems like everything is skyrocketing in cost. The grocery stores are no exception. Spending a hundred dollars happens in a flash on just a few items. Eating healthy is essential but even more expensive. Whenever possible try to find a store that can provide you with discounted bulk options. It may require more work to individually package items when you get home, but you are preparing for a long term food supply while saving yourself some coin. Also make sure you are storing your long term food supplies so that you don't lose them due to insects, moisture, or other spoilage threats.

A smart prepper would sit back in their home and assess: What do I have? What am I preparing for? Do I have anything on hand that I can use to accomplish the goals, without having to purchase new gear? Chances are, you do. If you have tools, creativity, and access to helpful information, you can figure out a way to get yourself any necessity. Think outside the box and keep learning. Your prepping journey is not a Hollywood drama, this is life, and you are an intelligent individual. What will really work?

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Dark Days in Denver Ch 35

Chin Gibson

Chin Gibson is the mystery prepper. Friend to all and known to none. His real identity hidden from the public, Chin is well known to the online prepper community as the go to resource for finding a community member to solve your problem. He is an awesome people connector and does his best to unite the voices educating the masses about being ready for a unforeseen life challenge. Chin will be joining Sara to co-host The Changing Earth Podcast.

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