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Episode 251 S7-13

Future Global Flooding Forecast


Special Guest:

Hope on the Horizon Ch 13

Chin Gibson

Scientists, psychics, and fictional novelists all agree that the ocean is going to see a significant increase in the water level. The extent of the rise is a matter of debate. Hope on the Horizon, and all of the fictional novels in The Changing Earth Series utilize a map of the United States that was popularized by Michael Scallion. However, it was the renowned psychic Edgar Cayce that initially dreamed it up. Today on the podcast, Chin and I discuss the theories of the rise in ocean level.

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Conservative one-hundred-year flooding estimates predict a seventy meteor increase in ocean level without taking pole shifts and plate tectonics into consideration. The ocean will claim the Atlantic seaboard, Florida, the Gulf Coast, and the CA coastline. San Francisco will become an island. South America would lose Buenos Aires, and most of Paraguay and Uruguay will be gone. Predictions show that Africa would be okay. However, the increasing climate temperature would make it too hot to live comfortably. Europe is going to lose London and Venice to the rising water.

Recently a 90-mile crack in one of Antarctica’s most expansive ice shelves is starting to grow again. When these glaciers melt, some exciting things will happen. Frozen dead bodies of the past will begin to appear, providing more knowledge of past societies. The Inuit people will have to relocate, and artic animals will die off. Viruses hidden in the ice will emerge and travel the planet again. The prediction is that temperatures will slowly rise, and the weather cycles will develop new patterns. New shipping routes will open, and access to different oil supplies will be available. Earthquakes and volcanic activity will ravage the planet, and societal and civil unrest will erupt.

Conservative estimates predict all of these changes, and there is an excellent map to see the predicted new coastlines at

Some theories predict a more catastrophic version of the new landmasses of the planet. These theories take into account the plate tectonics. One of these theories is known as “Our Changing Planet.” The argument stems from a cataclysmic pole shift. Although a theory, recent pole movement has validated the concepts more and more.

If Mt. Etna in Italy and Mt. Pelee in Martinique were to erupt together, there would only be ninety days to evacuate before massive floods claim the coastlines. Scientists often dismiss the fact that earthquakes alone could cause the pole shift, but they do agree that a meteor impact could cause this type of change.

Billionaires feel differently. They are buying up farmland that is far from coastal areas. They are looking for properties that are farm from coastal areas, suited for self-survival, farming, and coal mining. The most popular states are Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas. John Malone, Ted Turner, Phillip Anschultz, Jeff Bezos, and Stan Kroenke own over 5,000,000 acres in combined land ownership.

Gone are the days of building large underground bunkers stocked with multiple years of supplies. The focus has turned to self-sustainability on the land. All of these billionaires have homes on their properties, complete with helicopter pads and emergency plans to evacuate whenever the need arises.

Bill Gates is also jumping on the bandwagon. Bill has purchased 28,000 acres in Arizona to build his city called Belmont. In his words, “Belmont will transform a raw, blank land into a futuristic city built around a flexible infrastructure model.

The maps shown below are a prediction of a future world as dreamed by physic Edgar Cayce and made famous by Michael Scallion. These maps are the basis of the world that exists in The Changing Earth Series. These extreme models predict that Africa will be divided into three parts as the Nile widens significantly. A new waterway splits the area from the Mediterranean toward Gabon. Cairo disappears into the red sea. New land immerges in the Arabian Sea. Lake Victoria merges with Lake Nyasa and flows into the Indian Ocean. The waters claim the coastlines of Central and East Africa.

Land from the Philippines to Japan, Taiwan, and most of Korea, and China’s coastline is gone. Indonesia breaks up, and new geographical regions immerge there. In India, the land will buckle. Survivors in low lying areas will seek refuge in the Himalayas, Tibet, Nepal, China, and the high mountains of India.

Antarctica becomes a continent with productive, fertile farmland. New land immerges from the Antarctic Peninsula to Tierra Del Fuego and east towards the South Georgia Island.

The sea claims twenty-five percent of Australia. The Adelaide area becomes sea to Lake Eyre. The deserts of Simpson and Gibson become fertile land, and new ground immerges off the coast.

New Zealand will grow and join with old Australia. New Zealand will become a land of glory and one of the safest places in the world.

Most of North Europe will sink and become hundreds of small islands. The UK will disappear beneath the sea. London and Birmingham will survive on these islands, but Ireland will disappear, except for high areas.

Russia will be entirely separated by a new sea when the Caspian, Black, Kara, and Baltic Sea combine. However, the temperature there will favor farming activities, and Russia will supply most of the food supply to the European survivors. The Black sea will merge with the North Sea. The water claims Bulgaria and Romania.

Western Turkey has a new coastline that appears from Istanbul to Cyprus. Flooding ravages Central Europe and the land between the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea. France is underwater, and a new waterway grows in-between it and Switzerland. Italy is completely cut off by water, and the highlands from Sicily to Sardina become islands.

The tectonic movement pushes Canada’s northwest region in almost two hundred miles. Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and areas of Alberta become survival centers for refugees from British Columbia and Alaska.

In the United States, the North American plate buckles, and California becomes over one hundred and fifty small islands off the coast. The west coast will push into Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado. The Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence seaway join and continue into the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. Coastal areas from Maine to Florida are gone, and the land is pushed inland for miles.

Mexico’s coastline is lost to the ocean, leaving Baja in a similar condition to California. The Yucatan Peninsula is gone. Central America and the Caribbean Islands sink and become a series of islands. Only the higher elevations will be safe. A new waterway grows from the Bay of Honduras to Salinas Ecuador.

South America experiences extreme earthquakes and volcanic activity. Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, parts of Uruguay and the Falkland island flood or sink into the ocean. The Amazon is now a vast inland sea, and a new sea covers Argentina as well. There is a new landmass that joins with Chili and is cut off by a new inland sea.

The world described above is one as depicted by George Michael Scallion and Edgar Cayce. Although both these men share a similar vision, one of them is much more credible than the other. Gordon-Michael Scallion claimed to have the gift of prophecy. Still, it is possible that he took Edgar Cayce’s work and glorified it. After being hospitalized in 1979, Michael claimed he developed a physic ability that increased over time. He did readings for individuals, but his most famous work was the popularizing of a vision that had already been seen by Edgar Cayce years before. Scallion also put a date on his predictions. After his times came and went, his predictions lacked credibility.

Edgar Cayce, or the “sleeping profit,” was quite another story. Born in Kentucky in 1877, he is the most documented profit of the twentieth century. As a child, Cayce showed signs of physic ability. He talked with his grandfather’s spirit and memorized books by sleeping on them. As Cayce grew older, there was no denying his talent. He could put himself into a dream state, and when people would ask questions of him, he would tell them what their future held.

During his dream states, Cayce talked of a lot of things from healing, to the future, to physics and spiritual growth. The man gained credit when his predictions started coming true. He predicted the stock market crash of 1929 during one reading and World War II during another. He talked about a Pole Shift that would begin between 2000 and 2001. This pole shift would bring about a new ice age. As the pole on the planet starts it’s meandering, one has to wonder just how accurate Cayce was.

Cayce predicted the convergence of the communication companies, which has already happened. Years before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Cayce was discussing the lives of the Essences that the documents describe. He predicted blood was going to be a primary diagnostic tool for illness. Cayce also talked about the deep ocean currents and their effect on weather changes, which we now know as the La Nina and El Nino effect.

Edgar Cayce made many other predictions and is worth researching. On today’s bonus audio Chin and I discuss the ten most significant Cayce predictions and more.

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Hope on the Horizon Ch 13

Chin Gibson

Chin Gibson is the mystery prepper. Friend to all and known to none. His real identity hidden from the public, Chin is well known to the online prepper community as the go to resource for finding a community member to solve your problem. He is an awesome people connector and does his best to unite the voices educating the masses about being ready for a unforeseen life challenge. Chin will be joining Sara to co-host The Changing Earth Podcast.

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