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Episode 352 S12-14

Homesteading Tools


Special Guest:

Chin Gibson

When you move from suburbia to the country, there are some essential tools you will want to have on hand. Maintaining those tools is paramount to ensure that they last long term.

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When you move from suburbia to the country, there are some essential tools you will want to have on hand. Maintaining those tools is paramount to ensure that they last long term.

Changing Earth co-host Chin Gibson has recently made his move to the country. Today he shares some lessons from the hill.

Zip Ties and Duct Tape

While duct tape is the old faithful for fixing just about everything. Zip ties are quickly becoming the new duct tape. It’s always a good idea to have a handful in your pocket while working the homestead. You can use them to help train plants to grow in the correct direction or as emergency fencing repair tools.


Shovels come in many shapes and sizes, and each has its own use. You should have an assortment from trenching shovels to pointed to flat shovels. There are also handles of different materials and lengths. Finding what is suitable for you is key to making the job easy to tackle.


Rakes also come in different types. I prefer a metal leaf rake and don’t care much for the plastic ones, but Chin keeps one of each on hand. A metal hard tined rake is also a must-have. These rakes can move more significant amounts of dirt and gravel. You’ll find these tools have the same options for handles as shovels.

Post Hole Digger

Post hole diggers have two handles, are typically made of wood, and have clamshell-like digger heads on the business end. When thrust into the ground, you pull on the handles and dig out the dirt. These are essential for installing fence posts but can also be used to plant small trees or dig an emergency outhouse.

Cordless Screw Gun, Drill, and Sawzall

Cordless tools are essential to have on your homestead. Ensure you have extra batteries and chargers to keep moving while other batteries are charging. Even though cordless tools make life much easier, you should also plan for the day when power may not be available on the scale that we enjoy now. Buy some hand tools to get the job done, even without power.

Hand Truck (Dollie)

A hand truck is not just useful when you have to move furniture. They come in hand with anything heavy. Once the leverage is tipped up to the proper point, you can move just about anything. They are also highly maneuverable, so jobs like moving large trees are easily accomplished.

Wheelbarrow (2 wheeled type)

Wheelbarrows are a fundamental tool for most jobs. Whether you are moving dirt, plants, bags, or any heavy objects, the wheelbarrow makes the job easier. Wheelbarrows are made with one wheel or two. The one-wheeled types often tip over. The two wheels make the wheelbarrow more stable and require less muscle to keep upright. Chin also has a Gorilla Cart. These are like the red wagons we knew as kids on steroids. The wheels are made for off-roading, and they are made to tip and work in a very similar way to a wheelbarrow.

Framing Hammer

There are different types of hammers of various quality. A good hammer is worth spending your money on. The had of the hammer should have a waffle pattern to help keep the hammer from slipping. A good hammer will provide superior leverage for pulling out nails as well. The handle connection with the head will last for an extended time without forming a wiggle.

Set of Screw Drivers

A good set of screwdrivers includes screwdrivers with a flat head, Phillips head, and star head. You will also need these same types in various sizes. If you try to use a screwdriver that is too small for the screw, you will strip the head and have a big problem on your hands.

Socket Set

Sockets come in both American Sizes and Metric Sizes. You should have both. You should also buy a set that can reach deeper onto a nut despite the length of the screw. Your alternative is to have a good set of wrenches on hand, but sometimes it is hard to get the wrench into the space you need to move the nut.


A quality hose is more important than you think. Cheep hoses will crimp and give you nothing but problems. Their connections are made of cheap metal that will bend and then create leaky connections with other hoses or the nozels you are trying to connect.


Buckets can be used to carry tools, materials, feed, bedding, etc. Anything that will fit in it can be brought to the job site without filling your pockets. You can never have enough buckets.

Ratchet Straps

Whether hauling materials or doing quick fixes, ratches straps are far superior to rope. You can hook the ends where you need them and quickly gain the tension you want.

Air Compressor and Hand Pump

A compressor is essential for big tires, but it has many uses. Air tools can make jobs much more manageable. However, you need power for the compressor. Have a hand pump available for those smaller tires that need a quick boost.

Chain Saw, Ax, Hand Saw, Maul & Sledgehammer

Splitting wood is a typical event when you own property. Having a wood splitter is great for large jobs, but they are expensive. This is an item neighbors may share, but a chainsaw is essential for breaking down the wood to splitting size. Once you have it to a manageable size, you need a quality ax, maul, and a sledgehammer that will make splitting the wood a snap.

Machete and Pruners

Machetes aren’t just for jungles. They are handy when walking trails to remove any unwanted new growth. Alternatively, pruners can also take care of those unruly stragglers while providing you with a tool to ensure your trees are healthy and properly trimmed.

Pocket Knife

You can never have too many knives, and who couldn’t use an excuse to get another one?

Tape Measure

Have one for construction that is metal but also get one that has the crank on the side for laying out larger plots for fence lines.

Walkie Talkies

It is easier to push the button on a walkie than dial a cell phone. Plus, in some areas, the connection might be far superior. This can help provide a safety feature when alone and provide a better communication device on the tractor.

Utility Trailer

A utility trailer is key to hauling larger loads.


Tractors have so many different component options. They make most jobs much more manageable, but they are expensive. This is another item that may be shared amongst neighbors.


Having a work mule helps haul materials, patrolling fence lines, and moving livestock an easier task. While not essential, they are highly recommended.


It’s always nice to have power at a remote job site or restore power when it goes out (as it often does in the country).

T-Post Driver

After one attempt at installing a T-post with a sledgehammer, the importance of the T-post driver immediately becomes apparent.

Proper maintenance is critical no matter what tool you are using on the list. You don’t’ want to leave your rake behind and find a rusted piece of metal in overgrown grass next year. Mechanical tools require oil, cleaning, greasing, and care to ensure the parts stay lubricated. Grab a calendar and make a maintenance schedule. Try to pick times when the harvest requirements aren’t as heavy, so you don’t overload yourself. For more maintenance tips, visit

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Chin Gibson

Chin Gibson is the mystery prepper. Friend to all and known to none. His real identity hidden from the public, Chin is well known to the online prepper community as the go to resource for finding a community member to solve your problem. He is an awesome people connector and does his best to unite the voices educating the masses about being ready for a unforeseen life challenge.

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