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Episode 407 S15-12

Checkpoints Go or No Go


Special Guest:

Virgis Ch 12

D. Draven

The adventure of Cole Virgis continues as he approaches the government checkpoint at the California border. Special guest Dane Draven discusses government and civil checkpoints. The Sound of Freedom review and The Changing Earth News.

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Checkpoints can come in all sizes and be put up by government entities and civilians. The government uses many checkpoints. There are permanent checkpoints like those at our border and temporary ones, like those set up to control traffic into disaster zones. Police or the military can set up checkpoints. The police may use checkpoints to monitor drinking and driving. Civilian gangs may set up a checkpoint in an inner city. Protesting citizens have set up checkpoints to control sections of a city.

The number of government and civil checkpoints in a collapse scenario will grow exponentially. You must exercise extreme caution if you must approach one of these control points. If possible, observe the checkpoint before you ever approach it. You need to assess if the checkpoint has been erected as a defensive structure or an offensive one. Are people going in and not coming out? You can send someone to check it out if you are comfortable separating your group.

In a collapse scenario, civilian checkpoints are typically easier to pass than government ones. What do the people need? Can you supply it in exchange for passage?

Is it that important to go through the checkpoint? The reward has to justify the risk. Is it possible to go around? If you can go around, you should. Sometimes you have no choice but to ask for help from civilians or government officials. Your need is going to dictate the risk you are willing to take. Remember that you are often not allowed to leave once you go into a government control assistance checkpoint. Crime inside the control point can often be worse than the threat outside.

Be aware, keep your head on your shoulders, and walk-in mixed-sexed groups. Most of all, fill your head with knowledge so you have something of value to trade even if you are entirely out of supplies.

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Virgis Ch 12

D. Draven

The owner of Gunmetal LLC is a certified Gunsmith and graduate of the Yavapai College Gunsmithing Program. He has years of gunsmith training, experience, and knowledge. His training in firearms tactics, hand to hand combat, security services, close protection, perimeter protection, home defense, tactical medicine, and intel has been ongoing since he was 14.

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