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Episode 53 S2-18

Survival Sex


Special Guest:

Without Land Ch 18

~Rein Leigh

In today's chapter of Without Land, Erika and Vince head home after their meeting with Sergeant Bennet. Vince and Erika have a hiccup in their relationship because of the miscommunication and stressful circumstances. They find a way to make it up to one another. Here to talk to us today about the benefits of survival sex is Raine Leigh, author of Squirting, It's Easier Than You Think: A Holistic Guide to Female Pleasure.

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Sometimes sexual astigmatisms keep us from discussing such topics as sex during survival situations but as a healthy part of life such circumstances are bound to come up. There are parts of this aspect of life that must be prepped for as well. 


Long term periods of increased anxiety or depression may decrease sexual libido because this increased anxiety causes our bodies operate in permanent fight or flight mode. Stress can effect female and male bodies a like. Pregnant women will sometimes have a difficult time keeping a baby full term and may not ovulate regularly. Male bodies can sometimes have problems with erectile dysfunction.


However, disaster situations can sometimes cause an increased libido as well. After 9/11 there was an increase in sexual activities evident by an increase in birth rates nine months later. This is called "End of the World sex." During these times people use sexual relations to cope with fear and vulnerability. Biologically, our bodies tell us we should procreate to ensure the continuance of the human race. During time of war we also see and increase in birth rates of soldiers who are biologically urged to form relationships and procreate because they may not have a chance to again. These individuals headed to war are also more likely to sexually communicate and experiment with their partners.


With all this increased libido, birth control will be of the utmost importance. As a survivalist/prepper preparing for the worst, you should have a large supply of condoms, if you are still able to procreate. However whatever modern birth control method you choose to stock, in a long term survival situation, eventually these things will run out. The most effective method of birth control at this point is one that has been used by the Catholic religion for centuries. A woman can monitor her cycles and recognize when she is fertile or not. Most women can tell by cervical mucus and signs in her body during ovulation. Currently there are books and apps to help a woman learn how to monitor her cycle. It is a good idea to learn how to do this before you are reliant upon this method. If you do not plan on having any more children, in my opinion, it is a good idea to make sure that you or your partner is no longer fertile to ensure there are no unexpected surprises.     


There are some very big emotional and physical benefits of engaging in sexual activity. Sex will help both people involved reduce anxiety and stress. Heart health is improved during sexual activity because it increases heart rate and blood flow (your exercising!). Sex reduces the chances of cancer in both men and women by properly stimulating key areas of your body. Sleep is improved, blood pressure is lowered, and pain is relieved by engaging in sexual intercourse. Most of these effects happen because during sex our bodies release good brain chemicals like serotonin and oxytosis.


It is not necessary to have a partner during orgasm to experience these effects but sex helps to bond partners together and creates trust. All of these positive effects occur in both people's brains, making both individuals happier and aids with keeping relationships together.


Society sometimes focuses on the pleasure of the male while overlooking female pleasure. Here are some tips for ladies to experience better sexual experiences. Don't give up on yourself! Communicate your needs to your partner. Most men want their women to be sexually pleasured and take pride in this accomplishment. They will want to help you have a better experience. Try tauntra, yoga, or meditation to help teach you to be more mindful and focused. This will help you stay in the present during sexual encounters. Start outside of the bedroom. Sometimes sexual experiences are heightened with long periods of foreplay. How are you talking to your partner? How are you looking at your partner? Send a sexy text or make a naughty phone call to build up the suspense of the event. Be spontaneous and creative. Don't let sex become an obligation; try different positions and places. Don't let it get boring!


Communication may be the biggest factor to a healthy sexual relationship. You are responsible for any change you want. Women, who are generally more outspoken, are sometimes very tight lipped about what pleasures them. Women, you have to put yourself out there. Relax, communicate, and trust in your partner. Men, if you start the conversation first it can help a woman relax and open up. Men, you need to be patient and understanding with your women's sexual needs. She will appreciate very much that you care enough to want to pleasure her.


Raine and I also shared some great tips on what to do during a woman's menstrual cycles. I know that this is a concern of many women and I also know a lot of men who are prepping for women who may not be on the same survivalist page. There is a trend for women to free bleed but it is not one I suggest during a survival situation because of the lack of sanitation. Of course you should stock up on tampons and sanitary napkins. There are many other uses of these items besides those of a lady. If a lady is using cloth rags the rags should be boiled, bleached and left in the sunlight to destroy as many bacteria as possible. In the survivalist networks, women have also taken a liking to a Diva Cup. It is worth checking out to see if you would be comfortable with it.

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Without Land Ch 18

~Rein Leigh

R. Leigh writes books which help people learn to accept they are worthy of love, pleasure and happiness. Her focus is on encouraging others to live a holistic lifestyle, taking into account that mental health, physical health and other factors affect all aspects of our lives.




She is the author of Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think: A Holistic Guide To Female Pleasure, currently available on and It’s a best seller in’s Human Sexuality section and a #1 Hot New Release in’s Human Sexuality section. She is also the author of the Squirt School: The Book, Squirt Stories: Tales of Real Life Squirters, and COWARD: Becoming Courageous: The Struggle to Leave an Abusive Relationship and Learn to Like Yourself Again, all available on and most other online book retailers.




Her past included rape, molestation, and a physically and verbally abusive marriage. She now owns several businesses, and has embraced treating herself kindly and expecting it in return.




Her goal is to share her most intimate experiences to help others to overcome their obstacles and issues with past traumas.

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