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Episode 98 S3-17

Binoculars vs. Range Finder


Special Guest:

The Walls of Freedom Ch 17

~George Hart~

The Walls of Freedom adventure continues as the Moore continue their northward trek, utilizing binoculars to dodge threats along the way. If you had to bug out, what would you pack: Binoculars or a range finder? Here to explore the options is survival professional, George Hart.

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Binoculars are two telescopes placed side by side. This allows for long distance viewing, using both eyes in tandem. Utilizing both eyes enhances the brain's to process depth. It also allows the brain to keep items in 3D. Binoculars allow you to see farther and the lenses could be utilized as a fire starting device as well. 

However, there are limitations of binoculars as well. Your peripheral vision is limited. The focus of the items in view depend on the quality of your binoculars. Also the overall distance that is view-able through the binoculars depends on the quality of the lenses. You can't see behind you or beside you unless you work your head like an owl and span the distance. If used over a long period of time, binoculars can ruin your vision. Your eye sight can become blurred and you may start to have headaches and eye pain. If your binoculars are totally submerged you may have to disassemble them and clean them thoroughly.  


Range Finders are usually a minocular device that works with digital technology to estimate a given distance. They are used primarily for sighting in weapons, judging the distance of a shot in hunting, or judging the distance of a shot on the golf range. The battery powered device works much like a set of binoculars. They can accurately capture distance data in real time. If your wireless communications are still active, you can relay the range information to your group instantly. They are low maintenance. Usually they are sealed so that they are waterproof, moisture proof and fog proof. 

There are some downsides to using this technology as well. They need a battery to make them work and if your battery is dead, they are useless. A good range finder can put a major dent in the pocket book. The technology they possess can be heavy to carry around. Also, in today's world if you are out hiking with a gun and a range finder it is very difficult to argue that you are not out in the woods to shoot something.


Both George and I highly recommend that you have both in your house. If you had to bug out, you should take them both with you but what if it adds to much weight to take both? What should you take with you? George and I agree that if you had to bug-out and you could only take one with you, it should be the binoculars. The battery component of the range finder put it on the chopping block. Who wants to carry more batteries and eventually, even if you carry a whole bunch, your batteries will be useless. Maybe you could harvest it for parts but you sure won't be sighting items in the distance with it.

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The Walls of Freedom Ch 17

~George Hart~

George Hart was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He started studying different aspects of survival at the age of 7. He was a boy scout as a young boy, while hiking with his father James Hart, was taught the basics of hiking, water, and shelter while in the outdoors. Over the years of him maturing and having experiences with survival, he has learned survival in a self-taught manner. George has gone autumn camping on the shores of Caddo Lake, Texas. He would go hiking as a boy scout, and has studied other aspects of survival from James’ book S.W.E.T. Survival and Wilderness Training such as, how to make a tent out of objects you would find in your wilderness surrounding.

George also has a 1-year diploma for automotive service. He also has a 2-year diploma for the Associate of Applied arts from the Art Institute of Houston for music, video, and Business.


He has been a Tattoo Artist for 22 years. He has also been a body piercer for 20 years. He started Apprenticing for tattooing during his time at the Art Institute of Houston. George has raised 2 female children since they were at the ages of 3 and 6, they are now at the ages of 14 and 17.


George is also in the process of writing a book from different aspects of survival to homesteading. He is in the process of writing a cyber-punk urban fantasy of a futuristic world with events happening so close to modern day it would scare you. He is also assisting his father James Hart in compiling educational materials from survival and medicinal training to multiple subjects interrelated to homesteading such as food preservation, animal husbandry, modern day first aid and medicinal herbs and vitamins just to name a few. He is also writing a series of cook books by compiling recipes, antidotes, and pictures to give to his children.

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