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Episode79 S2-44

Surviving Captivity


Special Guest:

Without Land Ch 44

James E. Hart

The Without Land adventure continues as the story takes a dramatic turn. Here to discuss surviving in captivity is James E. Hart, author of Urban & Wilderness Survival, Emergency Preparedness.

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If you are captured by enemy forces it is essential to keep your mind active and alive. Think about things to keep you fighting for your family and your survival. Think of the things you are fighting for and dwell there. Play your captor's game and try to find a way to freedom. Keeping your mind on the way of life you believe in will keep you centered. Your mind is the only thing your captors can't take away. Mentally mock and sabotage your captors to keep your mind active. You can kill your captors in your mind everyday but you have to love them to their face to get yourself through the situation safely. Try to get repatriated any way you can and keep your spirit, pride and metal state in working order.


There is often a big debate over whether it is a smart plan to escape or not. James says yes to escaping, but only if it doesn't kill you, those you are with or put your family in jeopardy. Make absolute sure that you will not get caught before you are out of the building or the compound. Also it is important that no one else knows of your plans. They may turn you in for personal gain. Escape alone if you have to. If you are caught there is a good possibility you will be killed so a fool proof plan is essential.


There is also a big debate about whether you should appease your captors or not. James feels that you should tell your captors whatever they want to hear, whether it's right or wrong to divert their attention. The human body can only take so much. Do what you have to to do to survive. Don't let your pride get in the way of your survival.

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Without Land Ch 44

James E. Hart

A veteran of 2 tours of duty in Vietnam, James began his survival training at the age of 7 when he was stranded in the Mojave Desert for 7 hours without food or water during a family move in 1954. Since then he has been through the scouting program where he attained Life scout, served as Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Venture Advisor, and earned the Badden Powell Award. An avid outdoors man, he has winter camped in Utah and northern Quebec, Canada, snow shoed in upstate New York, Utah and Quebec, and camped in the Mojave Desert of California, the Uintah Mountains of Utah, and the Piney Woods of East Texas, among numerous other locations. James has traveled and been through 42 of the 50 states of the US. Three provinces of Canada, sailed the Pacific Ocean, and crossed the Equator and 35 countries from jungles of South America to the Himalayas of Nepal. Having earned an Associates of Photography Degree from Houston Community College, he has beautifully captured many of his travels with his camera.


Now retired from a career with the Trinity River Authority of Texas, James resides in Dallas, TX, where he lectures on Wilderness and Survival Training. He is the author of SWET Survival & Wilderness Experience Training, Urban & Wilderness Emergency Planning, 35 other booklets on wilderness training, monthly articles for Survival Life Magazine, and a column and articles for The Garland Messenger Newspaper. James also does workshops and speaking engagements.

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