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Dark Days in Denver


Sara Hathaway’s fifth, Dark Days in Denver, continues the story of Erika and her family as they try to adapt to the changing earth. Reunited with their friends and family, Erika continues to fight for the freedom of the surviving Americans.    Sara maintains her focus on the concept of exploring the vast issues and circumstances from the perspective of one individual caught in the middle.  As well as presenting some great survival techniques, outdoor activities, and possible natural disaster scenarios along the way.

“I wanted to give up so many times. Take my family and find a hole to crawl into, but I believe in a country that once stood for something beautiful. A supreme message that gave all its citizens equal rights to exist.”


As the Earth continues to unleash a series of natural disasters at the surviving inhabitants, Erika finds herself hiding from the federal forces aiming to eliminate her. Rapidly trying to adjust to new circumstances, the refugees from the Earth’s fury spread out into new geographic regions, searching for someplace safe to live. The Federal Government’s grip on its lands tightens, as food becomes scarce and overpopulation intensifies. Fighting for control of the West, the world is turned upside down as the unthinkable happens to the planet and Erika’s family. Is this the end of life as they know it? Who will survive to continue the fight for the freedom of the American people?


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