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Wednesday, July 2, 2014




‘Day After Disaster’ offers survival tactics

By Wendy Schultz
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Book: “‘Day After Disaster”

Author: Sara F. Hathaway

Publisher: Tate Publishing and Enterprises, 2014, soft cover and e-book versions, 344 pages


After experiencing a cataclysmic earthquake, a toxic flood and the predations of violent factions of survivors, Erika uses skills she never thought she would need and finds the strength within herself to save not only herself but those she loves. As a massive series of earthquakes changes the face of California and perhaps the nation, survivors are few in number and the struggle for supplies and resources is often violent.

Cool author, Sara Hathaway, begins her first novel in Sacramento and moves it up into the foothill areas of Auburn, Cool and Georgetown near the American River.

“I was driving down the canyon from Cool to Sacramento every day and this idea popped into my head about 10 years ago.”

Being at home with her youngest son, who is 2, gave Hathaway the incentive to finish the book she’d been working on for years.

“There are a lot of changes in the earth now,” said Hathaway, “and I’m concerned about our attachment to technology. If we don’t understand our natural environment, we may not survive the changes in the earth that happen through natural disasters. It’s happened in history before.”

Hathaway grew up in Michigan and moved to Cool when she was 16. She has an extensive background in the survival skills Erika and others use in the novel from living a rural life where she did a lot of horseback riding, bow hunting and hunting and fishing. She has developed a deep love of nature and the earth which is reflected in “Day After Disaster.”

“Day After Disaster” is the first in the Changing Earth series, a planned four-part series. Is the rest of California in turmoil? Why hasn’t help come? What’s happening in the rest of the nation? The answers to these questions will keep you looking for that next book.

“Day After Disaster” is available at in softcover and e-book version, online at and at Hathaway will be doing book signings at the El Dorado County Library in Georgetown on Saturday, July 19 and at Cool Feed Store on Saturday, Aug. 23.





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