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Day After Disaster Discussion #4

This is a tough question for obvious reasons. What would you really be willing to do? Would you be willing to kill someone just because they were hungry and wanted to take the food from you that you needed to feed your children? 

I was raised in a Roman Catholic household. I have always been into physical sports, shooting guns and training martial arts but when it comes to actually taking another person's life, well that is a bridge I thank God I have never had to cross. While writing my book Day After Disaster it is an issue I had to face many times. I even made myself cry while writing it because of the emotional distress this decision caused me.

I am a good person. I would like to think that I could help people and we could all form a big community and live together but is this really the case? Can you help everyone? 

The answer is no you can't and some people will just take advantage of your kindness to hurt you and your family. This means there is a level of preparedness that you physically must have. You can't be learning to shoot a gun while you are depending upon it for survival. You can't go from a couch potato to an individual burning over 3,000 calories a day just to survive.  A basic level of physical fitness must be in place before you need to depend on it. Also, you don't want the first time you have a physical confrontation with someone to be a life and death situation. It does the mind a world of good to be used to sparring or using self defense techniques before they are needed. This way you can remain calm when the cards are on the table. 

Just some food for thought. I welcome the discussion on the topic. We are all student in the end.

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