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Updated: Apr 12, 2018

I've been researching material for my next book. While I was at a gun show looking for military material I could reference, the owner of an antique book stand took and interest in me and gave me a book called, The Rape of Kuwait by Jean P. Sasson, to read. I found this a little odd but I read it anyway. It details stories of the people of Kuwait and the atrocities they faced when the Iraqis invaded. It was very interesting to hear the stories of the people and the choices they had to face when an intolerant regime invaded. The soldiers performing the horrors on these people were religious men who probably had families of their own. It was so incredible to see how fast soldiers turn into animals. The book describes the soldiers throwing hospital patients from their beds and steeling the very equipment that sustained their lives. Some of the Kuwaiti families had occupied a residence for generations and had to pack everything up into one suitcase, take their families, and go. Where was the question and anyway they went they were bound to run into soldiers ready to take everything from including their husbands and sons. Very interesting read. I highly suggest taking a look at it.

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