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Paracord: All Young Women Should be Familiar With It

Paracord Basics

Paracord is a type of rope that was developed for use with parachutes. The fact that it is  lightweight, durable, and extremely strong immediately made it attractive for survivalists to use in so many more ways. It is resistant to mildew growth and it's inner-strands can be removed to perform any number of additional tasks.

Why Woman Must Have Paracord Handy

Paracord can be used to break zip ties and duct tape! In most abductions of women nowadays the perpetrator uses zip ties or duct tape to bind the victim. Wouldn't it be nice to know you, your wife, or your daughter has the tools she need to escape these materials? Well, paracord gives her that fighting chance. Simply saw the rope through the zip tie or duct tape while the binding is stretched out very tight. The paracord will melt right through the materials. Remember to sit down and practice before you ever need to do it for real. Perfect practice makes perfect!

Paracord Fashion

Paracord can be integrated into every wardrobe. There are many, many examples on the internet on how to weave the cord into attractive items like the ones showcased in the pictures above. These are all from Pinterest and they all have great descriptions on how they were made. is also a great resource for paracord projects and uses.

Here are a few ways I found to work paracord into your wordrobe:

  • Replace your shoelaces with paracord. Since paracord comes in all colors you could set a trend be wearing new colors for each day of the week.

  • Weave the cord into a belt, headband, necklace or bracelet

  • Wear it as a hair tie

  • For fido: weave it to make a collar and leash

  • Weave it for a neck lanyard to carry concert ids, compass, etc

  • Weave it into little zipper pull handles

  • Replace your drawstrings on your sweatshirts, etc. 

  • Weave it into a strap to hold your glasses

  • Weave it into a key chain

  • Wrap the handle of your walking stick, boat paddle, knife, etc

  • Wrap your lighter

  • Make a can koozie

General Paracord Uses

There are many more uses of paracord in addition to freeing captives. Here is a very short list. You can find many more uses at and

  • Shelter support, tie down

  • Hammock construction and attaching

  • Make lasso, bow, bola, old-school sling

  • Weave snow shoes, stretcher, secure splint, make sling, 

  • Hang it as a clothes line, hang game off it, hang food up high to keep it from bears

  • Weave it as a gun sling or handles for heavy stuff

  • Weave a net, rope ladder or improvised backpack

  • Use it as a trail marker or make traps and alarm warning systems with it

  • Use it as fire starting bow drill string

  • Use it as a towline

Inner-strand Uses

  • Stitching for wounds (boil string first, use only in extreme emergency)

  • Dental Floss

  • Fishing line and stringer

  • Replacement string for torn clothing

Make sure Paracord is part of your family's wardrobe!

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