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Stuck in the Middle

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Right now, a battle for America wages behind the scenes, while emotionally fueled problems distract the citizens. The democrats are fighting for a more socialized system and a one-world order, while the conservatives fight for . . . you know what? I'm not even sure what they are supporting anymore. I suppose they would say American sovereignty, traditional values, and constitutional rights. However, it seems that the lobbyists and big businesses get to decide what the conservatives are supporting.

The corruption within the government, all its branches, and the elites of planet earth are running rampant. Horrible things you could never imagine, even if you wanted to, are happening today. Among these are slavery, sexual perversion, selling body parts, and the production of a drug made from the blood of children, to highlight a few. The thing about this drug is the child only provides it when they are stressed or afraid, so you can use your imagination on how that is achieved.

When I first learned about this and the players involved, I didn't want to believe it, but it is all on the internet if you look. How would the details be searchable if it wasn't legit? Individuals within the rings have been exposed from time to time. Some perpetrators received jail sentences, some died mysteriously, but mostly, they have walked free of any recourse.

The election of President Donald J. Trump threw the left into a frenzy. The democrats lost power, and his election halted the realization of their grand vision. Trump promised he would "drain the swamp." There has been a change within the system but nothing to write home about. It seems the status quo continues within the ranks of government agencies.

For all of the patriots waiting for the end to the corruption, a voice appeared. It calls itself Q. It is impossible to know who composes this entity. Q speaks about current events and the tie ins with past events and future reckonings that are coming down the pipeline. Q has made a lot of promises about what the future holds, and it encourages patience. How long can we wait? Now it seems until after November. For all of the promises, there are not many results.

With the news, media, and social media censorship, it is impossible to know who to trust any longer. You find yourself researching everything, but you never know if the information is credible or being run by an individual with an agenda. Facts are facts and should not be obscured by personal objectives. We need factual information to make educated decisions, not opinions to fuel anger.

The citizens of the US elected Trump to see a change within the government that, in my opinion, we did not see. We did see a robust economy, low unemployment, and a skyrocketing stock market. Business was good. However, key figures in the corruption, minus Epstein, were not held accountable for their actions. Epstein was the scapegoat, and you can decide whether he took his own life or not. Trump did restore the idea of American sovereignty. We withdrew from pacts that took advantage of American funding, like the UN and WHO. Each of these decisions I strongly support, but otherwise, it was pretty much business as usual.

The elites are making money off of the chaos the left and right create. The people endured the misery of quarantine and now riots, but the stock market is still booming. The pandemic came, small businesses were literally forced to close, yet the global billionaires raked in the money. The large box stores that were allowed to continue with business as usual never skipped a beat The entrepreneurs of America are being slaughtered by the thousands. Yet, the bank accounts of the super-elite continue to grow. Staged or un-staged, the anger ignited a powder keg, and the riots began, more small businesses were destroyed. Innocent people were beaten and murdered on the street, but the elites sit back and collect from the chaos.

Now, I am an individual who believes in the great Lord above us. I believe we're all God's children: rich, poor, black, white, brown, Christian, Atheist, Liberal, Conservative, or however you want to identify. It's hard to believe that individuals in this world are so blinded by their hunger for power, greed, pleasure, and fame that they would be willing to destroy the dream that is known as the United States of America.

It's been a long journey for an individual who didn't care so much for politics. My goal has been to help people prepare for whatever is coming by sharing my fiction stories and connecting the stories to reality. I didn't want to know any of the horrific things I have learned happen in this world. I was appalled enough by the fact that three hundred million people still live as slaves. When you learn about the tasks they perform, you will be sickened.

I wanted to support the side that stands for United States sovereignty and the constitution. I still believe in a dream of a free people with enough respect for one another to govern themselves without a dictator. A place where people are free to innovate, create, start businesses, and practice whatever religion tickles their fancy, as long as it does not hurt or interfere with the rights of their fellow Americans.

I wanted Trump to succeed with the draining of the swamp. I wanted to believe Q when the news was to be patient because the individuals were being weeded out, and the indictments were coming.

The riots have changed my perspective. No, I don't believe bashing more small businesses or hurting innocent people is the answer. However, it is time for the politicians to hear the voices of the people.

I've always advocated for local government so that everyone has a voice, a chance to learn, and an opportunity to make a difference.

Americans are sick of being caught in the middle as the left and right wage war against one another. It's like being the child as your two divorcing parents argue it out over the top of you. You can scream as loud as you want, but no one is listening. The elitist businesses don't suffer; they grow larger. Their lobbying dollars fund the war and shield them from the pain while the people are squeezed to death.

This world is like living in quicksand. No one knows who to believe. No one knows what the left and right arms are doing. No one knows who to support, and as soon as you figure it out, the game changes. Americans become more and more divided while the billionaires smile. We fight amongst ourselves. The anger grows, keyboard jockeys troll, looking for someone to attack, and foreign powers drool waiting to take over as they watch America disintegrate.

Education, respect, and understanding are the only way we can rise above. The fight you are fighting, no matter how much passion you bring to the battle, maybe exactly the emotional response the dividing forces want from you.

The power is and always has been in the hands of the people and your community. You don't have to allow thugs to overrun your town, and on the same note, you don't have to enable soldiers to occupy it either.

Americans are tired of being squashed in the middle! Debate is okay. Talk and ask questions without becoming angry. Listen and become educated so we can solve problems together, rather than by force.

If the American people can't rise above the push and pull of political warfare, we will be squashed in the middle until nothing remains. I am not sure our country will be the united states for very long. I am praying for us all.

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