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The Dying Time Impact

Expanded thoughts:

Personally I enjoy books that have a great story but also teach you valuable information as you journey along with the characters. Some of the information in this book had me reaching for my notebook so I could record the details and go learn more about it later. One downside to this detailed description was at times some of the brand names and suggested websites felt a little forced and made the story commercialized. It was kind of similar to watching an old Flintstone cartoon with a Winston commercial smack dab in the middle. However the genuine information and great storyline more than compensated for this hint of product pushing. I also found the military tactics of both the villains and the heroes well thought out and exciting. It was nice to be surprised at times by the course the action took rather than already assuming what would happen next.

It was not just another meteor impact story. Most of the stories take you up to impact (or last minute diversion) with details of all the chaos the idea of a meteor impact would create or the story starts up thirteen years after the disaster with you wondering how did anyone survive the immediate damage. Mr White takes his readers right through the nitty gritty of the disaster. The pre-impact details are briefly discussed and debated by governmental agencies. Then the impact and the resulting conditions are vividly displayed with an attention to the finer details but with a global focus. The post impact existences of people is where the story really takes off as far as action sequences go and this book becomes a major page turner. I also liked the inclusion of the astronauts on the space station and the reality they would be facing without being able to return to the planet on a long term scale. It was an interesting twist.

The characters were well crafted and relatable. The only issue I had here was that sometimes I felt overwhelmed by the amount of characters being introduced and the multitude of side stories that came with each one. It almost lost my attention in the beginning because it all seemed jumbled but I followed along and eventually delighted in connecting the pieces of the puzzle they were creating together in my mind. The leading male characters introduced were not over the top heroes or villains. I really enjoyed the fact that there was genuine understanding of why they were doing what they were doing, although I did find the messages from higher powers’ a little far fetched. The female characters were very realistic and not just included to be fluff and sex objects which I found very respectable of the author. 

Great job Mr. White. The Dying Time: Impact was an entertaining learning experience. 

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