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The Rope Bed

 "Night, Night, Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite."

I am sure that most individuals born and raised in the United States have heard this saying but have you ever actually thought about it? We sleep on comfy spring mattresses and bed bugs were mostly eradicated, only recently making a resurgence to the higher standards on modern pesticides. 

I have made it my mission to try and remember some of the tasks of the past that people took for granted for survival not so long ago and that is why this pin spoke to me. The "sleep tight" from the quote above indicated that person was hoping your bed ropes wouldn't slip too much during the night creating uncomfortable sag and the "bed bug bite" part meant just that. They were hoping you didn't get too bit up during the night.

Many thanks to Meg Claypool who posted an article on her blog,, detailing her building directions and lessons she learned along the journey of reconstructing her own rope mattress.  One of the valuable lessons she passes onto us is how nice it is to have the proper tools to make the construction job simple. She also explains how you can reduce the wobble of your bed by making sure the legs are not to long and the head and foot bars are on a lower plane than bars located on the side of the mattress. At the end of her great explanation is a free downloadable PDF to teach you all the DIY details.

Very cool pin and blog Meg. Looks like I've got some building to do!

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