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The Survival ATV

This pin here is a beauty and has been extremely popular amongst fellow pinners in the Pinterest World. Unfortunately this pin was never linked to a website so it leaves us all guessing as to how they got tracks on the 4-wheeler not to mention the sweet mini-gun and ammo cases. I am not sure that I would want to be riding on it while someone is firing that thing next to my head but it still looks pretty sweet non-the-less.

A little bit of research on the tracks brought me to a website called, This Canadian company is the world's leading dealer of track systems for ATVs and Side by Sides. Just seeing these treads on a 4-wheeler causes one to ask: Why? Camoplast Solideal states that these treads will get you through the deepest snow, serious mud and swampy terrain. Where wheels sink, these tracks will keep you moving. The tracks distribute the vehicle's weight over a greater surface, causing them to be more boyant and reduce pressure on the ground by 75%. These treads make it easier to haul much heavier loads. Their low center of gravity  increase the ATV's stability and steering capability and they produce less vibration than traditional tires.

Given the mountain terrain I inhabit I am not sure if they are right for me but they are pretty cool all-the-same. I would definitely take the mini-gun though.

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