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Top 10 Survival Stars

I was challenged by an author friend of mine to do a blog of my top ten favorite movie stars. Given the theme of my blog I decided to do my favorite top 10 survival stars. I realize there are more survival movies and shows out there but the following are my favorites. Okay let the countdown begin...

Number ten on my list is Charlie Matheson in the TV series Revolution. I loved revolution, until they introduced the nono-tech. It started out as a great TV series, built upon the concept of destruction and character survival in that new landscape, much like my book Day After Disaster. Although there were some points grossly overlooked, like the fresh paint on the homes and the nicely mowed grass, all and all it was off to a very good start. Charlie's character was a very naive one in a world of survival. She makes some big mistakes along the way but her heart is good and her tenacity is commendable. Survivalists could look to this show and see some interesting do's and don'ts of survival.

Number nine on my list is Milla Jovovich as Leeloo in the movie The 5th Element. Not only is she smoking hot in this movie but she is a serious butt kicker. Her innocence mixed with a deep galactic wisdom is a cocktail that make the plot thick with meaning. She is a fierce warrior that also displays an extreme vulnerability. She must come to realize that love is the beautiful thing worth saving even though the flip side to that coin is war and death.  Great story of ultimate destruction and future world prospecting.

 Number eight on my list is Justin Timberlake as Will Salas in the movie In Time. I'm not really a Justin Timberlake fan so I was undecided on watching this movie originally but I am so glad I did. The movie depicted a very interesting take on a future society where your life span is depicted by your time left on your clock. This time is also your money so every time you eat, drink your coffee, etc you are losing time on your life. Through a stroke of luck Justin ends up with lots of time and moves himself up in the class system that has been created to manage the people. He meets a gal and together they do a sort of Bonnie and Clyde move to save the people from the horrible system that has been created by the wealthy to manage the poor. Great socially relevant movie and Justin did a supreme job in this role as the innocent, hard working poor man, trying to save the people he has come to know and love.

Number seven on my list is Keira Knightly as Guinevere in the new King Arthur movie. I loved this new take on Guinevere! No more prim and proper princess caught helplessly in a love triangle between the king and his best friend. This Guinevere shows a deep passion for her country and her people. She is rescued by Arthur and nursed back to health on an extreme journey back to safety. In this story she is the one allied with Merlin and becomes Arthur's voice of reason to stay and save his people instead of going back to Rome, a "home" he has actually never even seen. She is sexy in a rugged, realistic way and she is a determined warrior, kicking some major butt for the glory of her country. I loved this new take on the whole King Arthur story and most of all the Guinevere character. The producers gave tenacious females a terrific role model.

 Number six on the list is Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee in the movie Zombieland. I'm not usually a fan of zombie movies but  this movie was a crack up! Plus it coined the term "double tap" which I now use regularly. Woody plays a man who is just done with the world. He is edgy and so very funny. He no longer cares if he lives or dies or who else lives or dies. The journey he and his partner partake in has so many twists and turns it always keeps you guessing what will happen next. Plus, it has many life lessons about simplicity along the way. Can't beat Woody, he is classic.

 Number five on my list of survival stars is Dennis Quaid for his role as Jack Hall in the movie Day After Tomorrow. This movie is one of my favorites because it focuses on the fact that the earth has changed and will again, much like the focus of my series. He is a man of science who is screaming at the politicians to face the facts of the changes the earth is going through and urges them to take extreme action while they still can. But of course they are politicians so they are not listening to a science man and his charts and facts. After the stuff hits the fan Dennis must challenge mother nature in a race to save his son who was caught in one of the hardest hit areas. He shows indomitable spirit and a unconditional love of family. Great character that we could all learn from.

Number four on my list is Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in the Alien movies. This woman kicks some major Alien butt in all the movies. She never wants to be in the situation she is in but somehow ends up there anyway, saving the day. Even certain death could not defeat her. Ripley is number four because not only does she constantly face the alien threat but she must also fiercely battle the powers at be that are constantly trying to capture, control and study this alien creature rather than annihilating the threat. Ripley has a very different view for the creatures and who could forget the line: "get away from her you b*^ch"? 

Number three on my list is Will Smith in his role as Captain Steven Hiller in the movie Independence Day. Will has a classic role in this movie. Not only is he jovial and witty but he is stead fast to his commitment to his county. My favorite part is when he takes down the alien ship, beats the tar out of the alien and declares, "I'm supposed to be at a barbeque." Then he drags the alien across the desert and when asked for clearance to allow him to Area 51 he shows the soldier the alien and asks, "should I just leave this here with you then?" Such a great, all-star character. He displays strength, humor, tenacity and love for a woman the world might not see as a perfect fit for a man with his goals for the future.

Number two on my list of survival stars is Karen Grassle for her role as Caroline Ingalls in The Little House on The Prairie. This is a character you may not think off right away but oh boy is she fierce. Her love for her man takes her on a journey of frontier survival at its finest. Women in this role had a long list of survival tasks  to take care of in order to keep their family alive and well fed. On one episode in particular she gets cut and develops blood poisoning from the abrasion. With Charles away and no help in sight she must fight through fever and sickness in order to save herself. She ends up cauterizing her own wound and survives. Any person who can fight and work that hard for the love of her husband and family is truly one to be commended.

Drum roll, please...

Number one on my list of favorite survival stars is Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conner in the Terminator series. First of all what a great concept to base a doomsday series on. Second of all she is not my favorite just because she has a great name (even though she spells it with an "h"). She is my favorite because this woman starts off in movie one as a naive waitress just minding her own business and trying to get a date. By the end of her role in the series she is one fierce warrior, ready to kill them all and let God sort them out. Her love for her son and his future drives her across the fires of hell, against all odds to save not only him but all of humanity from an inevitable future. She is one bad ass, gun toting, hot and sexy woman on a mission!

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