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Top 3 2017 Christmas Gifts

Number one on my list of gifts I would love to receive, if I didn't already have one is the TOPS Knives Tahoma Field Knife. I bought this sweet a$$ knife in Arizona this last spring and fell instantly in love. It is composed of 1095 high quality steel. Its considerable size makes it useful as a machete or hand knife. It is double bladed for about three inches down the knife making it proficient at stabbing as well. It has a built in handle for a bow drill, used for starting fires in the bush. It also features a steel pry area on the handle so you don't break the tip off, doing something stupid. I'm in love with this knife and for $160 bucks you can't go wrong.

Number two on my list of things I would love to receive, if I didn't already have one, is the Alexapure Pro Stainless Steel Water Filtration System. I've written about the Alexapure before. This bad boy will filter five thousand gallons of water before you have to change the filter. It is very durable and requires no electricity or power to filter your water. You can leave it on the counter for everyday use or take it with you camping and filter water from the lake. Great investment and replacement filters are reasonably priced as well.

Number three on my list of things I would love for Christmas, if I didn't already have it, is of course, The Changing Earth Series. Books are a great thing to give as a gift at the Holidays and who wouldn't love an apocalyptic read to pick you up when your feeling down. Now, you can go over to Amazon and find my books there but you are going to get ripped off. If you go over to my website or go to you can get the best deal on the internet for all four books. If you really want to impress your loved one feel free to contact me and request signed copies, but you better hurry up because time is a ticking. Yes, I am going to charge you for the books and shipping and handling but just imagine the look on your loved ones face when they open up the book and see that personalized signature written just for them. They will love you for your gift. As an added bonus, you get a gift as well.  You are going to enjoy hours of peace and quiet as they pour through the pages immersed in the story.

Have a Merry Apocalyptic Christmas!

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