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Survival Gear: Essential EDC Item!

I don't normally take a moment to tell you about specific survival gear. There are a ton of

companies out there making great products and not so good products. If you need a certain product to feel a gap in your survival preparations, you can do your homework and pick an item that is going to be best for your individual needs. My goal is to educate your brain not fill your house with stuff.

However, there is a company that has come onto the survival scene with some great products that I can firmly stand behind. They call themselves Wazoo Survival Gear and they are making quality products that maximize the usefulness of things that we wear everyday already! I found out about Wazoo because I was researching paracord bracelets and how people are innovating and taking products to the next lever. I found Wazoo's website and was blown away by the advanced amount of gear they were packing into one little bracelet. Check this out:

All these handy survival items, in one pretty cool looking bracelet

I have followed Wazoo Survival Gear because I am a minimalist. I would rather carry as little as possible on my person but I never want to leave without my everyday carry items. Wazoo is thinking up some great ideas to do just that and now they are introducing a brand new product:

The Cache Belt. 

The Cache Belt puts the original "money belt to shame." Instead of a tiny pocket that you can only get things into and out of when the belt is off, you can pack The Cache Belt's two foot long pocket full of every day carry items. It's ability to be accessed from the top of the belt keeps everything handy and it's rugged Velcro ensures that nothing is coming out. By utilizing the space provided by this belt you can save space in your go-bag to pack full of other essentials.Wazoo is packing this belt full of essential survival items and for the amount of gear you are getting in an easy to carry everyday item, the price point is spot on.

In the fairness of giving this product a proper review I also need to mention any of the areas of the belt that I felt might be cumbersome or need improvement. Anyone who has worn a money belt, carried extra gear strapped to them or stuffed pockets of gear to the brim knows that when the belt is full of gear it may look and feel a little clunky strapped around your waist. Depending on the situation, this discomfort or attractiveness might be very much worth the extra carry space gained. The only other shortcoming that I could possibly think of is, although I love black, it is the only color, so far, that the belt is available in.

The Cache Belt is a piece of survival gear that is an absolute must have. Why would you not want an easy to access pouch to hold all those little items that can easily get lost in any pack. The Nylon webbing is a quality fabric that will ensure that this belt will be with you for the long haul.

Get on over there and check The Cache Belt out!

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